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Chalene Johnson creator of Turbo Fire, Turbo Jam and ChaleanExtreme has created yet another fantastic program called PiYo. This full body strengthening program is high intensity and low impact with a punch. If you are looking to tone up get lean and sculpt certain body parts this is your program.

The workouts range from 25 minutes - 45 minutes and it combines Pilates and Yoga.

To learn more about the program, check out my recap of the first week

  • Align– The Fundamentals – Learn the basics of PiYo terminology, proper alignment and modification options.
  • Core - This is an Ab-centric workout that focuses on your powerhouse muscle group… your CORE!  Get flat, defined abs and a strong sexy back with this workout! 
  • Drench – Start with a warm-up and stretch your body. Then move into a Power section to improve muscle endurance, balance and flexibility.
  • Strength Intervals - This is a high calorie burning workout that eliminates the use of weight but will get your heart-rate up and burring serious calories through athletic moves and sequences.
  • Sweat – Another great 30 minute workout that incorporates dynamic conditioning, traditional yoga flows and body weight resistance training.
  • Define: Upper Body – This workout will chisel away your upper body and shape your arms and shoulders.
  • Define: Lower Body – Shape and tone your glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves for sleek long legs.
  • Sculpt – This is a muscular endurance workout that uses different tempos to keep your muscles under tension.
  • Bonus: PiYo Hardcore on the floor! – This is ONLY available if you purchase through a coach so use this page to order. This is a workout focused on the abs so that you can tone, redefine and tighten.

Sample PiYo Meal Planning PiYo Style
4 Primary Veggies
2 Secondary Vegetables and Grains
2 Fresh Fruit
4 Lean Proteins
3 Healthy Fats
Vanessa McLaughlin,, the butterfly effect

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