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Are you ready for a week of Hard Labor?

I had so much fun doing Shaun T Week with my customers, and I'm ready for the next week-long challenge! This time it's a week of HARD LABOR with the Beast himself, Sagi Kalev. Sagi is the creator of Body Beast and co-creator of Hammer & Chisel. After serving as an Israeli paratrooper, he became a world famous bodybuilder, and now helps people gain muscle and shed fat.

I've loved the Body Beast program, because there is no impact on my knees, and it helps me tone up and lean out!! I feel strong and badass!!

What Is A Week Of Hard Labor?

A Week of Hard Labor includes five new Sagi Kalev workouts, to kickstart your health and fitness goals, or break a plateau. Starting on September 5 (so just after the Labor Day weekend of BBQ's and end of summer celebrations), Sagi will release a new workout on Beachbody on Demand every day for five days. He will target a different muscle group each day and work it until it can’t work anymore! During this 5-day program we will work on your chest and back, legs, shoulders and arms, total body, and core.

A Week of Hard Labor is perfect for anyone interested in weight training, people who don’t like heavy cardio, and fans of The Beast!! Sagi will whip you into shape with 25-45 minute workouts and I will keep you on track with daily motivation, accountability, and support. Plus, I’ll get you set up with a 5-day meal plan designed for optimized performance.

How to get access to these amazing new workouts?
You need to make me your FREE coach and get Beachbody On Demand for FREE through me as your coach.

This program is starting right after the long holiday weekend, so it’s being released RIGHT when we need it most! I know Labor Day is the time to end the summer with picnics and cookouts which obviously throws a wrench in our health and fitness plans!! Even the most disciplined and dedicated people can get a little unfocused when there are a ton of temptations in front of you.

What equipment do I need?

So after Labor Day, it will be time to get back on track! You will need dumbbells, resistance bands, and a stability ball to make the most out of this week with The Beast. A Week of Hard Labor is one of Beachboy’s toughest weightlifting workouts, but we are going to conquer this program together! There is always a modifier if you are having difficulty with any of the moves.

I am also going to be kicking things off with an optional 3 Day Refresh if you feel like you really need a cleaning out of your diet. I know that the summer for me is full if drinks by the pool, vacations and visiting with family and friends. It has been quite a challenge to stay on track and I’m sure you feel that in some way too. The 3 day refresh is a simple and very easy way to get back on track, clear out the sugar cravings, and get back to the basics of clean eating. The 3 day refresh is a plant based cleanse that will not leave you starving, you get to eat real food, and you won’t be on the toilet all day (LOL). It is simply following the day to day plan that comes with the product to get the results you want. It can help you with getting rid of bloating, clearing the sugar cravings, helping you shed the first few pounds and laying the foundation for clean eating and a shift in your lifestyle. Would you like to do this with me? Check it out here: 3 Day Refresh

How Do I Register?

If you’re interested in learning more or participating in A Week of Hard Labor, fill out the application below! I will contact you in the next 24 hours with a response on how to get started.


Back to School, Back to ME!

Well, the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of end of the summer parties, BBQ, and a feeling that I'm surrounded by FOOD! 
AND, since I decided to fulfill my other passion of teaching, and had to complete a week of full-time orientation, a week of lesson plans, and then thrown right into the fire, I haven't been faithful to my workouts.....yep, I skipped two each week!! 
This week the boys go back to school, and it's time to get back to ME!
So, I've recommitted, made a meal plan, scheduled my workout times for the week, and I'm READY! If it's not on the meal plan, I'm not going to eat it!! Well, except for my birthday coming up. I will have a small slice of cake, and maybe a glass of champagne, and that's all I need. I DO NOT NEED FOOD TO CELEBRATE me!

In fact, a better way to celebrate me is to feel great by treating my body to loving movement, and foods that love it as well. I'm committing to a weightlifting program, which is easy on my knees - no impact, and leg exercises without lunges or squats!

I'm sharing my meal plan with you this week. As you can see I'm honoring my autoimmune disease by omitting grains, and sticking to fresh veggies, meats and completely omitting anything processed! BUT, it's FILLED with FOODS I LOVE and enjoy. I'm not into deprivation!!

Do you want to get back to you? Do you want to recommit with me? I can help you create a meal plan with foods you love

If you: 
Want to lose weight
Gain energy
Be awesome
Join my tribe of sexy fit people 
Hit me up NOW! Help me HELP you. 

Complete this form below to be considered to join Back to School, Back to YOU!

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