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Meal planning for successful weight loss - UPDATED!

When I first started as a coach, I wrote an overview of how to meal plan. But now, as I've gotten more experience, and even taken some nutrition courses, I have expanded that blog post to give you more tips to help you create your own meal plan. How do you get dinner on the table, week in and week out, without getting bored? How do you stay energized and engaged with the act of cooking at home? Here are fifteen of my best and most universal tips for learning how to plan your meals.
What do I mean by Meal Planning?
It's whatever way you organize yourself to cook a meal, whether that's breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is the plan you make before you shop. Some people plan a month in advance, freezing neatly-labeled packets of soup and stew. Others wing it, shopping for that evening's meal at the farmers' market and picking up whatever looks good to them. Meal planning is a really personal thing. What works for you may not work for me. The goal, I think, is to find a process that is both enjoyable and effective.

One of the things I enjoy is reading through cookbooks, clipping recipes from blogs and websites, and taking some time to anticipate cooking. I think this is an important part of meal planning. Meals aren't just solutions to the problem of needing to eat; making a meal is also an expression of creativity — even if it's just cutting a PB&J sandwich into a new shape. Find ways to inspire yourself and to look forward to cooking. That's the spirit that animates this whole endeavor.

There's no right way to plan your meals; you should just do what is effective for you. I read over ten ways of gathering and organizing recipes. Your way may be messier and less elegant than you like, but if it works, why worry? Don't spend too much time looking for the most perfect and impeccably-maintained system. The system is just the tool. The point is the meal. Well, really, it's people, and enjoying good food with them and nourishing oneself.

This list of tips is all over the map — there are plenty of ideas here for getting more organized and helping yourself think ahead. Others are to just jog your memory and help you get inspired to dream up meals you'd love to eat.
meal planning, how to meal plan, meal planning basics, weekly meal plan, vanessadotfitness

Getting Inspired

  1. Spend time each week looking for recipes. This may feel like an indulgence, but just let yourself do it. Browse blogs and websites for recipes that look delicious. Hang out on Pinterest, look at the recipes on my Healthy Eating page. Pile up some cookbooks and reach for the sticky notes. Get inspired! Once you have recipes you like, then you can rotate them from week to week.
  2. Create a place to save recipes, and keep it SIMPLE.
    Do whatever works for you. Don't get caught up in a system, just use whatever works best and most easily. Personally, I like Pinterest because it's easy to visually browse what I've saved.
  3. Ask your partner, family, and roommates what they like to eat.This might sound obvious, but it's easy to get caught up in our weeks and forget to ask our households what they would like to eat. I get extra inspired, too, when I feel like I'm cooking a meal as a gift — trying to please and delight the palate of someone I love.
  4. Check the weather.
    Again, you may say, duh, but seriously. Right now, the weather is changeable in many parts of the country. Look at the weather forecast, and try to predict if you're going to be in the mood for soup (or grilled shrimp salad!) on Friday.
  5. Keep a meal journal or calendar. 
    One of my best inspirations is my own record of things I've cooked in the past. Take a look at what you were cooking a year ago, two years ago. It's a good way to remember things you used to cook, and still love. I have an extra calendar I got as a freebie from a bank. I just write down the meal every night so I can easily recycle it through my future meal plans. Now I have a year's worth of meals to choose from!
  6. Getting Organized

  7. Start a calendar.
    Now that you're getting inspired in what to eat, start a calendar of what you'd like to cook over the next few days or few weeks. It can be as organized as a Google Calendar, with notes on each day for that day's menu. Or you can just jot notes to yourself in the corner of your laptop screen, or even a sheet of notebook paper. The important thing is to write it down. I use Google Docs for my meal plans. Here is a sample of one of my 21 Day Fix weekly meal plans.
  8. Go with theme nights (soup night, pasta night, beans, taco Tuesday, Italian night, Mexican night....).
    Some readers found it really helpful to have a theme night each week. Monday is pasta, Tuesday is fish, Wednesday is tacos. This doesn't work for everyone, but it may be especially helpful for those with kids. See if they want to get involved with planning their favorite tacos one week, or suggesting soups for the next month. Keeping the focus narrow will help you and your household make quick recipe decisions.
  9. Choose a shopping day and make a shopping list. Those who have success in meal planning shop very purposefully. They look at their recipes and make a shopping list. Some of the meal planning and recipe-saving services let you do this easily, extracting ingredients from the recipes you have saved.
  10. Check what's on sale.
    Some folks really like to organize their meals around sales. Is organic chicken a dollar off this week? Or canned chickpeas? Check out your grocery store circular and adjust your meal plan or shopping list a bit.
  11. Plan for leftovers.
    Most of us have at least some tolerance for leftovers. I regularly cook one or two big healthy meals or crockpot recipes at the beginning of the week and eat off them all week long for lunch. Some people can only eat leftovers for a single night. Either way, try to make your cooking always do double duty. Make a little extra of everything, and if you don't want it right away, freeze it.

Getting it Done

11. Prep food as soon as you get home from the store.
Wash and dry lettuce. Chop onions. Roast vegetables. Brown ground meat to put on past, rice, or salads. Slice cucumbers, celery, and lettuce so you can grab and go. Stack up containers of prepped ingredients in the refrigerator and bask in your own awesome preparedness. Do this on the day of the week you have the most time. For me it's Sundays. Check out my busy woman's guide to meal prep.

12. Cook components of your meals.

Going beyond prep, cook components of the meals. For instance, start a batch of tomato sauce while you wash greens and prep squash. The sauce can go on pizza one night, and in lasagna the next. Or roast a chicken right then that you can eat that night and use for sandwiches and pasta the rest of the week.

13. Be strategic about freezing.
The freezer is your friend. Actually, it's the friend of future you. Make a double batch of that sauce mentioned above and freeze half for later. Make a double batch of soup, stew, chicken cacciatore, cooked beans — throw it in the freezer. Let a month go by, and those leftovers will look fresh and tasty!

14. Don't overstuff the refrigerator.
It's easy to get overwhelmed when your fridge is over-full. Also, things get hidden in the back, lost behind the mustard. Don't let things go bad. Keep your fridge airy and light, with a sensible, realistic amount of food in it. Keep a list nearby of everything in the fridge, especially leftovers, as a visual reminder of what remains to be eaten.

15. Keep a well-stocked pantry.
Meals are easier and quicker to prepare if you keep your pantry well-stocked. Don't run out of olive oil at inconvenient moments. Have spices ready to dress up chicken and beans quickly. Keep a lemon and a sheaf of fresh herbs in the fridge at all times.

To get more meal planning tips and help to create your own meal plan, as well as motivation, support, and accountability in your health and fitness goals, fill out the form below.
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3 Day Refresh GIVEAWAY!!

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The first time I did the 3 Day Refresh, I was hooked! After a few weeks, maybe months of taking a taste, lick, or bite of desserts, my kid's lunches, dishes at parties, and just getting off track with my habits, I went through this three day cleanse, and while it was a mindset, it gave me the results I wanted! I lost FIVE pounds, reset my system, de-bloated, improved my gut health, and just felt BETTER!

Now, I do the 3 Day Refresh two or three times a year, and this time it will be the Monday after Thanksgiving to lose the bloat, and quickly get back on track, instead of eating my way through the holidays until New Year's! AND, because it's the season of giving and gratitude, I want to pay it forward, and help someone else feel the difference the 3 Day Refresh can make to put us back on track! I'll be giving a way the 3 Day Refresh Complete Kit to one lucky winner who fills out the form below. This is a $60 value.

3 day cleanse, cleanse, get rid of bloat, beachbody, autumn calabrese,, vanessadotfitness
September was my two year anniversary as a Beachbody coach and I can proudly say that this business has allowed me to help hundreds and hundreds of people. Some have achieved little victories and some huge weight loss goals. Some stay with me for along time, and some get what they are looking for and maintain on their own. But all who join me leave a little different than when they started. They leave armed with a bit more confidence and a lot more knowledge on nutrition and exercise.

Being able to help these women has also helped me. I realized that this "business" was my calling! Helping others, motivating others to achieve their health and fitness goals was my passion!!

I went from being a full time marketer at a law school working her butt off to make ends meet, eating crazy portions, sitting for eight to nine hours a day, always irritable and exhausted, to a full time Beachbody coach who's life looks entirely different. I have been able to "retire" from the office "handcuffs" and now build my business from home. My stress level decreased, and my self improvement, confidence, and self-love soared! I get to make an income by making an impact on peoples lives!

So here is what I am doing. I am paying it forward. Truly no strings attached. I am going to be giving away the 3 Day Refresh Complete Kit, which includes three packets of Shakeology to one lucky person. This person will have me as their coach and gain access to the November 28, Mission Maintain Holiday Survival Challenge group. My team and I will be reviewing the applications and picking a winner on Friday, November 25 at 9 pm. The product will be shipped out to you on Saturday, November 26.

The winner must agree to "go all in" with the program, follow it exactly, and allow me to share their transformation story at the conculsion of them doing the program. Applicants may not be already working with a coach or be an exisiting client of mine. This giveaway is only open to residents of the USA.

If this is something you would be interetsed in please fill out the application listed below. Good luck! I am excited to pay this blessing forward to others!


Meal Planning for Successful Weight loss

Happy Sunday! Sundays are may days to meal plan, grocery shop, and meal prep. I truly believe that you can own every fitness program on the market, have a personal trainer, fancy gym membership and gym equipment, but if you don't have proper nutrition then you are doing yourself a disservice. You haven't already heard: 80% to 90% of your results come from your nutrition and the other 10% to 20% comes from fitness.

You can give me every excuse in the book, like my kids kept me up last night, I ran out of time, or I don't have money to buy healthy food. Well, it costs a whole lot more to take care of a sick person versus a healthy person. You have so much more energy to play with your kids and do the things that you want when you are healthy and vibrant. When you get regular physical activity and proper nutrition you can live your life to the fullest. One of the way that I make sure to keep myself and my family on track is through sitting down each Sunday, making a meal plan, grocery shopping and then taking the time to prep my snacks for the week.

It takes me less than 30 minutes to make a meal plan and compile a grocery list. I have a template on my computer that I pull up and update each week with my 5-6 meals a day. Then, I check the pantry as I develop my game plan and write down anything that I need to pick up.

Here is my meal plan!

This is something I share with my customer and challenge groups each week. A big part of my program is planning. You cannot be successful until you have a focus. This plan gives you a starting point. When you know what you are making and eating each night it removes the last minute guess work and stress. You know that you have something in mind already and there is no room for the common excuse "I don't know what to make so lets just order in."

After my meal plan and list are ready we headed out to the grocery store. Usually, I head to Giant or Wegmans. We've really learned that meal planning is a great tool for our budget too.
We always buy our fruit and meat in bulk. Since we go through so much ground turkey, chicken and eggs it makes sense to do it this way. We load up our cart with the basics.

On my grocery list this week was:
Greek Yogurt (plain)
Cottage cheese
Bananas for my Shakeology
Frozen Blueberries for my oatmeal
Cherry Tomatoes
Green Beans
Raw Almonds
Almond Butter
UnsweetenedAlmond Milk

Now it's back home to do some prepping for the week!
I spend some time cooking some hard boiled eggs for quick grab and eat protein. You can also put the eggs on your salad if you aren't a fan of chicken.

I have apples and 2 tbsp all natural peanut butter as a snack. Clementines and unsalted almonds (14) and veggies and hummus.
I also have some grilled chicken salads and individual servings of dressing ready to go!
My Shakeology for my lunch or afternoon snack is always with me. The blender bottle is genius. If you don't have a small blender this has a wire ball inside that you add your water and packet of Shakeology to. Then you literally shake the living daylights out of it and you are good to go!

Now when I wake up this am, I just open the fridge, grab my snacks, lunch and put it in my tote and out the door I go. Or in my case, to my home office is!

Do you want to learn more about meal planning and preparing food? Do you want to know how you can change your lifestyle, lose weight, have more energy and fuel your body for energy and not just for comfort? Join my 30 day fitness and accountability online support group. In this exclusive group I will teach you one on one my tools and tricks of the trade. How to grocery shop, plan your meals and be successful. Everything from eating out, traveling, surviving parties and more!

It all starts with you and a choice to make the change! Join me son the best journey of your entire life!! A healthy one!

Spots Fill Fast! Message me for details!
Fill out my online form.
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How can anyone afford to drink Shakeology?

benefits of shakeology, affording shakeology, shakeology expensive, 21 Day Fix,, vanessadotfitness
Shakeology costs how much????!!!

I get this question all the time. I excitedly answer. $4 a day- isn't that crazy?! Super ridiculous price for what you get!

And then I realize people are surprised because they think it's expensive.

Wait. Hold the phone. $4 a day? I have a lot of explaining to do if I haven't really revealed what you are actually getting for the price. But before I get into the good stuff- let's actually talk about how shakeology saved me money.

When I first started drinking shakeology 2 1/2 years ago, I didn't really think much about the benefits. I was working out and I was told that shakeology would help me get better, faster results, so I went into it thinking it would be a protein shake to consume while doing Insanity and Asylum. But I never really looked at it as a health shake.
Let's face it. Life in general is expensive. If you know my husband, you know, he has an excel budget sheet which I cringe at each time he busts that bad boy out. But how often do we look at the dollar and say, " I have control over where that goes." If you see shakeology as just another protein shake then HECK YES- IT'S OVERPRICED....

It would be a waste of money if that's all shakeology was.

No matter how many times he busted out the spreadsheet, Shakeology was a non-negotiable. And we came to realize it was actually saving us money.

In order to add shakeology to my diet I just made a few tweaks. Here are a few:

benefits of water, drinking water tips, why drink water,benefits of shakeology, affording shakeology, shakeology expensive, 21 Day Fix,, vanessadotfitness1. Bottled Water- I used to hit up a vending machine or buy cases of water. I would spend anywhere from $2-5 dollars a day. I would pitch the plastic and move on to the next one. I started using a refillable water bottle instead. This also helped me increase my daily water intake. I set my daily water intake goal at 60 ounces minimum, so my personal water bottle is filled at least three times throughout the day- which keeps me on track.

Minimum Saved Weekly= $14

2. Target- Alright. Truth. Have you ever looked at your Target receipt and said UMMM seriously how did I just spend $100? I can't even tell you 5 things I purchased! It's true. Target gets me every time. A shirt here. A new head band there. It adds up! And fast. When I started drinking shakeology, I made the choice to be wiser about my dollar bills spent at The Big Red. I made the conscious choice to create a list of necessities and stayed clear of the workout gear section. Since I go to Target at least once a week, I also decided to sign up for the red card and receive 5% discount on all purchases.

Minimum Saved Weekly= $10

3. Meal Planning- Although I work from home now, when I started drinking Shakeology, it became one of my meals on the go- not an addition to my diet. I also began planning all my meals and buying only the essentials for the week. I went to the grocery store buying only from the list I prepared. My shake was my breakfast. I packed my lunches instead of going to eat once a week and we limited how often we ate out to once a week.

Minimum Saved Weekly= $20
 >>>>>>>>>>>CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE OF MEAL PLANNING<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

shakeology spice latte,  starbucks vs shakeology, benefits of shakeology, affording shakeology, shakeology expensive, 21 Day Fix,, vanessadotfitness
4. Starbucks- Ok. Before I get into how much I LOVE my pumpkin latte. Let me tell you that this company admits to an 80% markup! Yep- definitely fell off my chair when I saw this. And at the price of $3-$4 a cup, you've got to wonder- is there something better for me? Umm heck yes! Yes. I still splurge on an overpriced cup of coffee from time to time But shakeology is wonderful in that it can be blended, shaken and stirred in so many different ways that you really don't crave your of joe in the same way!

Minimum Saved Weekly= $10
5. Vitamins and Supplements- Staying healthy isn't cheap. Look at your medicine cabinet. You likely have supplements and vitamins out the wa-zoo. Shakeology takes the guess work out of all of it. It includes over 70 super foods and in its synergistic form works together to keep my body healthy, my cells fed, and my body overflowing with energy. I don't need to make other protein shakes or smoothies. It's all in there! Done! Easy.

Minimum Saved Weekly= $10
shakeology price issue,  expensvie shakeology, benefits of shakeology, affording shakeology, shakeology expensive, 21 Day Fix,, vanessadotfitness6. Gym Membership- Before working out at home. I would hit up the gym. I would drive 15-20 minutes each way. Jump on the treadmill. Guess how to do some weights. I never paid for a trainer because I KNEW I couldn't afford it. With shakeology, I was able to participate in challenge groups through FACEBOOK. I had access to a free coach, daily. There was no guess work. Results came and results stayed.
gym vs challenge pack image, benefits of shakeology, affording shakeology, shakeology expensive, 21 Day Fix,, vanessadotfitness

Minimum Saved Weekly=$5

7. Get a 25% discount on ALL Beachbody products including Shakeology - Check out this link to see how you can save even more money on Shakeology!

Minimum Saved Monthly=$15

Shakeology has been and continues to be the secret sauce to:
  • Long term results 
  • A healthy immune system 
  • Glowing skin 
  • Thick, healthy hair 
  • Energy boost
It's all about perspective. I know my health is worth it. I know how I feel when I take it, daily. I know that $4 is an STEAL for how I feel. I honestly would pay twice that. Shakeology has been my go to power drink.

Grand Total Saved Drinking Shakeology Weekly= $69
Total Cost Drinking Shakeology Weekly= $28
Difference=$41 a week 
Monthly Savings= $164

I take it because being pro-active about my health is a conscious choice. My question really is, how can anyone afford not to drink Shakeology?

If you'd like to try shakeology risk free for 30 Days, please complete this application to be considered for my next Complimentary 30 Day Fitness and Nutrition Accountability Group.

Fill out my online form.
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How to save 25% on all Beachbody Products

If you're reading this, it means you want to save money, while keeping your body healthy! So, how can you save 25 percent on all Beachbody products, including Shakeology?

Many people become a “coach” just so they can get 25% off the workout programs and other products like Shakeology, Beachbody Performance, equipment, supplements, etc., and never "coach" at all.

Don’t let the word COACH scare you. If all you want to do is get the 25% discount, you won’t be responsible for “coaching” anyone (unless that’s something you decide to do later on). COACH is just a word Beachbody decided to use for their team of independent representatives who share and distribute their products with others. But you don't have to sell or share anything unless you want to!

According to Team Beachbody, about 85% of their coaches do NOT work on growing their business. They simply sign up just to get the discount. That’s pretty powerful. I don’t know of too many other network marketing companies that have people signing up just so they can save money to get healthy.

You might be doing a Beachbody program now: 21 Day Fix, 22 Minute Hard Corps, Country Heat, Insanity Max 30, or another program. If you are drinking Shakeology along with the program every month, it makes financial sense to sign up as a discount coach.

This way you save 25% on all future programs you purchases AND you save $15 on Shakeology every month when you take into account the monthly coach fee.

However, if you do share your experience, and help three other people get healthy, this will cover the cost of your Shakeology and your workout program!  If any of your friends or family are interested in your workouts or Shakeology, I would show you how to sign them up and add them to my challenge group so that you can get a commission from that sale! Like a referral fee.

How Much Does it Cost to Become a Discount Coach?

It costs $39.95 to become a coach. However, if you have purchased a challenge pack in the past, you will be refunded that amount. About a month after you sign-up you’ll be charged $17.95 every month. That’s it! You are under no obligation to sell or purchase a certain amount of product each month and there are no penalties.

When you go through the coach sign-up process you also have the option of purchasing a “Challenge Pack” which includes the workout program of your choice, Shakeology, and 30 days of free Club membership which includes Beachbody On Demand, the Beachbody workout streaming tool that you can use on your computer, smartphone, Ipad, Roku, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire and others.

The challenge pack is optional but if you purchase one your $39.95 sign-up fee will be waived. The price of the challenge packs vary between $140-$275 depending on the program, and there are typically different specials going on each month.

If you think you might be interested in becoming a discount Beachbdy coach, please contact me at or fill out the form below for more information on how to get started.

I don’t post links to join on my website because I’m very careful about who I allow to be on my team. Even if all you want to do is get the 25% discount and not build the business I still need to ask you a couple of questions. When it comes to building my business I’m all about QUALITY over quantity, so I want to make sure you’re a good fit.

Fill out my online form.
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Eggs Benedict - Low Carb, Gluten Free

Gluten free, dairy free, breakfast, 21 Day Fix, Autumn Calabrese, vanessadotfitness,, low carb
Perfect for a weekend brunch for me and the hubs, or my lunch during the week!! I love Eggs Bene!! But between the white flour English muffin, Canadian bacon, and hollandaise sauce, the calories can add up, saving it for a treat. This recipe's secret ingredient to bring down the calorie count is riced cauliflower!! Spinach adds some leafy green nutrients and turkey bacon helps with the calories too! AND, it all works without sacrificing flavor and taste!

1 cup riced cauliflower (I bought mine already riced)
3 egg
1 egg yolk
1 TBSP clarified butter - Ghee (or coconut oil to make it dairy free)
pinch cayenne better
4 slices uncured turkey bacon (I buy this pre-cooked)
large handful of baby spinach
Salt and pepper to taste
Cooking spray

1. In a bowl, mix together cauliflower and 1 egg.
2. Spray skillet with cooking spray and heat on stove.
3. Place large spoonful of half of the cauliflower-egg mixture in the skillet and flatten to form a patty. Repeat with the second half the cauliflower-egg mixture.
4. Cook for about 3-4 minutes or until bottom of patty is browned. Flip and cook the other side.
6. Place cauliflower patties on a plate.
7. Saute spinach just until wilted. Place spinach on top of cauliflower patties.
8. Heat bacon in skillet or microwave. Place 2 strips on each patty.
9. Poach or cook over-easy style 2 eggs. Place one egg each atop of patty.
10. Using a glass bowl resting on a pan of boiling water (to create a double boiler, or use a double boiler if you have it) place 1 egg yolk, butter, and cayenne better in bowl. Whisk rapidly to prevent yolk from curdling. Cook and whisk for about 2 minutes or until sauce thickens.
11. Drizzle over eggs.

Makes 2 patties or one serving.

**You have the option of adding 1/4 cup of grated cheddar cheese to the cauliflower egg mixture before cooking patties, and using Canadian bacon instead of turkey bacon.

Want more recipes like this or support with your health and fitness journey? Fill out the form below to be considered for my private accountability group. I only work with 5 people a month, so it's first come, first serve.
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Mission Maintain for the Holidays

weightloss, holiday weightloss, 21 Day Fix, autumn calabrese, lose weight, get fit,
Well, it's begun! The HOLIDAY SEASON!

It started two weeks ago with Halloween. This year, Trick or Treating and Halloween fell on a Monday, which means the candy and parties started on Friday and continued through the weekend until Monday night - that's FOUR DAYS of candies and treats.

Now Thanksgiving, winter holidays (Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa) and New Year's are coming at us with family get togethers, more parties, cookies and goodies in the office break room; delicious dishes, tantalizing treats, and non-nutrititious noshes face us every day for two months!

Every year the average person gains 10 pounds during the holiday season. So, my question to you is....

Do you want to be average? Do you want to wait until January to focus on your health? Or do you want to stay healthy through the holidays, while still enjoying the holidays?
If you are new to my page, welcome! I want to tell you... 
I am a little different at this coaching thing....
You see where so many people stress losing weight and getting skinny,
I sweat more for confidence, clarity, and my health than the number on the scale. I've experienced multiple surgeries from skin cancer, and I have an autoimmune disease.

I suppose that's why my results have stayed off for over three years. I have a bigger reason to sweat. My feet hit the floor, and I am blessed. I get one shot at this life. It can't wait until January.

SO I workout. No matter the season. My reason is bigger than the six pack., vanessadotfitness, health, weightloss, holiday weightloss, 21 Day Fix, Core De Force, Autumn Calabrese
What do you sweat for?
It's easy to take all of the holiday white Christmas expectations and allow them to become an excuse for why we've put our health and fitness goals aside. I am a firm believe that we get one shot at this crazy, awesome life, and everyday is an opportunity to live and breath the example of health.

It's about getting back to basics and focusing on our own results. They matter. Why?

Because when you start to put your needs first, you start to feel good. When you feel good, your mood changes. When your mood changes, you start to see the joy around you and you become the joy to others., vanessadotfitness, health, weightloss, holiday weightloss, 21 Day Fix, Core De Force, Autumn Calabrese
It's not selfish. It's a blessing.

If I can let you in on a little secret. This is the time of year where I begin to see people get the most incredible results. It's true! Why? Because they are invested in something more than a scale!

My job as a coach through the holiday season, shifts a bit. My job is to help my challengers not just survive the holidays, but THRIVE throughout them. Physically and emotionally!

This is not a group about just weight loss.

The Mission Maintain Holiday Challenge begins on November 21 with a prep week (so you don't have to worry about Thanksgiving)., vanessadotfitness, health, weightloss, holiday weightloss, 21 Day Fix, Core De Force, Autumn Calabrese
Here is what you can expect:

1. An at home fitness program of your choice that will take (max) 30 minutes of your time!

2. Meal plans through the holidays! I totally get that we're busy, so we focus on the quick and the easy!

3. Get the first peek of my Christmas Cocktails PDF coming in December!

4. Exclusive holiday recipes as well as tips for the holiday parties, and traveling!

5. Daily accountability and support for your personal goals!

6. Finding JOY and PEACE this holiday season in you MINDSET.

In order to participate in the Mission Maintain Challenge:
1. You have a FREE account set up with me as your TeamBeachbody Coach. If you already have a coach, please reach out to them and inquire about their holiday challenges! If you do not have an account, please complete the application below.

2. We will commit to a fitness program and a nutritional plan that will work for you, your needs, and your time. Together we will decide what route to take!

3. You will commit to doing a quick daily check in to report progress!, vanessadotfitness, health, weightloss, holiday weightloss, 21 Day Fix, Core De Force, Autumn Calabrese
Does this sound like a good fit for you? After our prep week, we begin November 28 - the Monday after Thanksgiving! Can't wait to help you stay healthy this holiday season!

Complete the application to get enrolled! Give yourself the gift of health this holiday!
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