Beachbody Summer Sale!!

Just a few times a year Beachbody offers a killer sale. They mark down programs and products upwards to 75% off. While I am not one to post often about sales, I can't resist sharing this one with you. This promotion is going to kick off on Monday June 5, 2017 for US residents and Tuesday June 6 for Canadian residents. The sale will last for one week. Items will sell out quickly and will not be restocked at this price so I recommend grabbing them while you can. The sale pricing will launch no later than 3:00 pm pacific time and could be earlier in the day depending on when Beachbody loads everything to the site.

If you have questions about a particular product and would like more info before ordering please email me using the following address:

If you are already a customer of mine or would like to be, and wish to place an order you can use this LINK.

Happy Shopping friends!

* Sale prices listed are for US residents. Canada resident pricing will vary slightly.

SHAUN WEEK is coming!

Shaun T is back!! Creator of Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, Insanity Max 30, and others, Shaun T is launching SHAUN WEEK To Beachbody On Demand on June 12, 2017.  SHAUN WEEK includes one week of new workouts, but also focuses on transforming your mind and body. This program motivates you to connect to your fitness, to your mental journey and to continuing on with your progress and reaching your health and fitness goals.

When Does It Start?
The group starts on June 12 and it goes day by day with new daily workouts live on Beachbody On Demand. You will not be able to look ahead at the workouts. Each workout will post live each morning, throughout the week. We are all on this journey together!! Just in time to get ready for summer!!

How to get access to these amazing new workouts?
You need to make me your FREE coach and get Beachbody On Demand for FREE through me as your coach.

Insane Basics: Go Slow, form over speed, work through it.
Pure Cardio Part 2: If you liked Pure Cardio 1, this is the progression!!
Insane Weights: This workout is hitting the weights in an Insanity format.
25 Abs: 25 minutes of abs.
BrickSanity: Asylum strength and T25 mixture and a lot of insane craziness!
Speed 4.0: Speed workout similar to what you did in T25 Speed 1.0 and 2.0
Dig Deep is how you end the week with a bang!

AND, there is a great modifier so even if you don’t like being down on the floor you can modify with Shaun T and he gives you that option. While the workouts are new, they are the BEST of Shaun T, his greatest hits!

It won’t stop at the end of 7 days. There is a lot more in store for you after those 7 days!

What are your next steps?

I am putting together an exclusive group for this program, and I want to do it with you! Are you in?? Do you want to join me?

Complete the application below to get the details on how you can join.

I must be your assigned coach through Team Beachbody, and I can give you the directions for how to do that in the application process.

You must be willing to participate everyday for the entire week.

If you would like to join me in Shaun T Week fill out the application below and I will walk you through the process of getting involved.

I can’t wait! Let’s rock our first full week of summer together!!

Complete the application below!

Glowing Green Smoothie Bowl

Shakeology, autumn calabrese, 21 day fix, tosca reno, clean eating, green smoothie, green shake, health shake,, vanessadotfitness, beachbody
Switch up your smoothie routine by combining your favorite greens into a delicious and vibrantly colored smoothie bowl. I used spinach, but you could swap in arugula, watercress, or kale. Shakeology makes it even more nutritious, so you can feel extra good about your morning meal or your afternoon snack. Eating your veggies has never been so easy, or so tasty!

1 cup almond milk
1 cup ice
1 scoop Greenberry Shakeology
1 cup raw spinach
¼ large banana, cut into thick slices
1/4 mango, peeled, cut into chunks (I used 1/4 cup of frozen mango)
2 Tbsp. unsweetened shredded coconut

1. Place almond milk, Shakeology, spinach, and ice in blender; cover. Blend until smooth.
2. Place smoothie in a medium bowl. Top with banana, kiwi, and coconut; serve immediately.

Want more indulgent, healthy recipes that fit in your nutritious food plan and support in your health and fitness journey? Fill out the application below to be considered for one of my virtual fit clubs!

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Shift Shop - Agility and Strength Workout Program, clean eating, rapid weight loss, vanessadotfitness, autumn calabrese, chris downing

If you're feeling like you've plateaued; if you feel overwhelmed by what to eat and what to do for workouts; if you're feeling like NOTHING has worked; if you're mindset is in a funk, then, check this out!! 

Introducing Beachbody's SHIFT SHOP from the new super trainer, Chris Downing. This is an agility and strength workout program that features the most results-driven training methods to help you get fit and lose weight in just 3 weeks! Check out the CRAZY TRANSFORMATIONS at the very end of this post!!

This program is about a MENTAL TRANSFORMATION. It shows you what you are capable of, and changes the way you think about your body. The trainer, Chris, gives you motivation and inspiration. He has you focus on what you CAN do, on the beauty in your body, on the power in your body, so that you can shift into your best self!

This video gives you more details, and I'll explain even more below!!

  • It is a 3 week rapid rebuild program.
  • It is for anyone who wants to ramp up their fitness fast. That means getting in shape in 3 WEEKS!!
  • It goes from basic 25 minute workouts to advanced 45 minute routines, all while honoring your nutrition for optimal results.
  • It’s great for all fitness levels. If you have a lot of weight to lose, shift shop will be your on-ramp to fitness. If you have spent time away from your regular routine, Chris will lead you through a fitness tune-up.
  • The workouts are 25-45 minutes a day, 6 days a week for 3 weeks.
  • There is a workout modifier in every workout.
  • It is available on July 12, 2017 so make sure you get on my list so that you stay up to date on the latest release information.

Week 1: This week just focuses on clean eating and getting your nutrition back on track.
Week 2: In the second week, protein increases, as the workout intensity increases.
Week 3: For the last week, there is a reduction in carbohydrates, which jump starts your body's metabolism. 

Here is a copy of my week one meal plan: 


Week 1:   Chris uses shorter, 25-minute workouts that’ll help you stay focused and committed. And you’ll be eating a healthy balance of carbs, protein, and fat. The workouts alternate between cardio and strength each day, and getting used to the moves.
Week 2:  Just as your body adapts to the workouts, Chris increases their length to 35 minutes. Plus, you’ll cut back on the starchy carbs, while revving up the proteins and veggies.
Week 3:  It all comes together. Seven days of higher-intensity workouts, while eating clean. This is your grand finale.

And there’s even a modifier you can follow, so you can always get through all the moves, and still get a great workout. Each step of the way, you are encouraged and inspired. The program changes you, so that you celebrate yourself!

What can you expect after 3 weeks in the shop? Nothing but results. Your body should be leaner, faster, stronger. And because Chris will be shifting you toward a healthier mindset as well, you’ll be able to build on these accomplishments for the rest of your life. CHECK OUT THE TRANSFORMATIONS BELOW!

Shift Shop was just released TODAY!! Want to get the information about the workouts, the nutrition plan, and details on how to buy it? Want to be part of my exclusive online challenge group to receive motivation and support as you crush your Shift Shop Workouts?

Just fill out this form to be the first to get all the information as soon as this workout is released!

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Who Is Chris Downing?, clean eating, rapid weight loss, vanessadotfitness, autumn calabrese, chris downing

Chris is a NASM certified personal trainer with one goal in sight. To help you accelerate the change you have always wanted. As the creator of the Shift Shop fitness program, Chris’ engaging, motivation based approach lets you grow stronger both physically and mentally. It is so much more than helping you get fit and lose weight. It’s about shifting your body and mind to a place that allows you to reinvent yourself.

Chris takes the most results-driving training methods-effective for everyone from pro and amateur athletes to the everyday gym-goer and tailors them to help you achieve significant total-body transformation. This includes shorter workouts with exercise intervals that help you burn fat and reshape your physique at lighting speed.

Chris is an elite functional fitness trainer who specializes in helping anyone — regardless of weight, size, or age — get into amazing shape fast.
SHIFT SHOP is a ramp-up fitness program. Chris makes it easy for you to start. Then he gradually increases the intensity of the cardio and strength-training workouts week by week — all while refining your nutrition. Plus, he makes it a lot of fun.

What is included in SHIFT SHOP?
  • 8 workouts that start slow, then accelerate.
  • You’ll also receive a Jump Start Guide that helps you start achieving your goals on Day 1.
  • Agility Markers that can help improve your coordination and agility.
  • A 3-week calendar, and the Simple Shift Nutrition Guide — all specifically engineered to help you achieve maximum results.

1. Have the right equipment.
Every other workout is a strength based workout. So having the right weights was key! Current participants used 8, 10, 15 pounds during the first week, but used up to 25 pounds toward the end of the program! Participants get stronger throughout the workouts, and so level up each week.

2. Schedule Your Workouts
Just like you schedule a doctor's appointment for your health, schedule your workouts. Look at your calendar for the week and determine the best possible time to workout when nothing in life will interfere.

3. Prep it ahead!
Identify the meal plan that's perfect for you. Using an inventory of questions, based on your current weight, your goals, and your lifestyle, you will identify how many portion containers to consume, daily! Then spend one afternoon each week prepping your meals and veggies.

SHIFT SHOP is going to push you

Interested in learning more about this program or one of my other favorites?
I WOULD LOVE FOR you to participate right along with me. Here's the opportunity I have:
  • Daily accountability
  • Nutritional plan
  • Recipes
  • Tips and motivation
  • Opportunity to win $500
  • A FREE T-Shirt
  • Fill out the application or send me an email at
TRANSFORMATIONS, clean eating, rapid weight loss, vanessadotfitness, autumn calabrese,, clean eating, rapid weight loss, vanessadotfitness, autumn calabrese,, clean eating, rapid weight loss, vanessadotfitness, autumn calabrese,, clean eating, rapid weight loss, vanessadotfitness, autumn calabrese,

Spiced French Toast with Bananas and Pecans - 21 Day Fix

Spiced French Toast, Country Heat, 21 Day Fix, Clean Eating, Autumn Calabrese,, vanessadotfitness, Tosca Reno
Delish Spiced French Toast with bananas and pecans that won't knock you off track with your health and fitness goals!! Straight out of the Country Heat recipe guide!!

You know what that means? It means it follows the 21 Day Fix container meal plan, so it's compatible with that program, as well as Cize, Core De Force, Hammer & Chisel, Insanity Max: 30, and 22 Minute Hard Corps!! So, whatever program you're doing, this recipe will work!

1 yellow
1/2 purple
1/2 red
1/2 blue
1 tsp

Makes 4 servings

4 large eggs

1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk

1TBSP pure maple syrup (I used honey, I don't like maple syrup.

1 tsp. Pumpkin pie spice

4 slices low-sodium sprouted whole grain bread (use gluten free bread to make it gluten free)

2 tsp.extra virgin coconut oil

1 large banana, sliced

1/2 cup chopped, raw pecans 

1. Combine eggs, almond milk, maple syrup, and pumpkin pie spice in a shallow dish. Whisk to blend.

2. Soak each slice of bread and egg mixture for two minutes, turning halfway.

3. Heat oil in medium nonstick skillet over medium heat.

4. Add bread; cook for 2 to 3 minutes on each side, or until golden brown.

5. Top of each slice evenly with banana and pecans; serve immediately.

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Say YES to YOU - Newest Program: YOU v2

YOU v2, Brazil Butt Lift, Dance workout, autumn calabrese, beachbody, weight loss,, vanessadotfitness, vanessa mclaughlin, dancing
Get ready to party, sweat, and celebrate becoming an improved version of YOU every time you press play. Expect to have lots of fun with feel good party tunes, an incredible group of ladies of all shapes and sizes, and motivation from your biggest cheerleader and Beachbody super trainer, Leandro Carvalho. With 4 cardio-dance routines and 2 body-sculpting workouts, Leandro teaches you easy-to-follow moves, step-by-step. And the best part? He picked songs that will make you want to move and groove to the new version of you. Hello 80s biggest HITS!

👉🏼30 minute at-home dance routines, 5x a week
👉🏼simple approach to eating better {no deprivation or bland foods}
👉🏼superfood shakes to put some pep in your step
👉🏼lots of inspiration and support
low impact - I can even do it with my injured knee
👉🏻perfect if you're healing an injury (like me), if you just had a baby, or if you're just getting back to working out.

Don’t worry, there’s:
✖️no confusing choreography
✖️no complicated diet (YUCK, I HATE that word)
✖️no pushups or burpees

This program is geared towards women who want a fun dance-inspired workout that’s easy to follow, fitness beginners, women who like me who are healing an injury (I have a torn meniscus and so no impact or fast paced workouts for me), women who want to begin a life-changing journey to look and feel better, women who want to lose weight, but don’t like strict programs or diets.

No matter your size or fitness level, you’ll find it fun and easy to get moving and develop healthy habits on this 4-week empowering and inspirational journey. 

BONUS: This program also includes a KID VERSION as well!!!

YOUv2 is a simple, gradual approach to help you get moving and create healthy new habits. By focusing on small changes over time, you can lose the weight and keep it off. YOUv2 is not just a way to burn calories. This is a journey of self-discovery where you’re encouraged to think about your fitness and nutrition habits, what sets you back, and what it will take to push you forward to a healthier, happier “new version of you.”

 And great news - if you have Beachbody On Demand, you already have unlimited access!!

So you might be thinking, "if it is so simple, how is it so effective?" Glad you asked!!! Both the workouts and meal guide recommendations are simple and fun so you can stick with the program and get results. Leandro Carvalho’s 4 beginner-level cardio-dance routines and 2 body-sculpting workouts feature feel-good party songs like “She Works Hard For The Money,” originally recorded by Donna Summer, and “Love Shack,” originally recorded by The B-52’s, that help you really let loose and get moving. The meal guide gives you small, simple changes to build on each week to help you create new healthy habits for weight loss. Since I know this isn't a quick fix, but the start of a journey!!!

Now to address the "Is it right for me?" question - this program is designed for:

    Beth Burd, star diamond, Beachbody Coach, leandro, dance cardio, dance workout, clean eating, youv2, in home workouts, fit mom
  • Women who want a dance-inspired workout. This program lets you crank up the volume and let loose to feel good party songs you’ll want to sing along to. No complicated choreography to learn. Just simple dance combos you’ll love to rock out to.
  • Fitness Beginners - It’s a simple, low-impact fun and easy health and fitness program anyone can do. It’s easy to follow along with and a ton of fun. Ramp up to eating healthier with a simple meal guide with small changes over 4 weeks. No equipment needed.
  • Anyone looking for a low impact, gentle workout on the body.
  • Families - YOUv2 has a kids’ channel feature on Beachbody On Demand to show that kids can totally do this workout and are welcome to join in so the whole family can have fun working out together.
What does this program include?
  • 4 cardio-dance routines
  • 2 body-sculpting workouts
  • Motivational Wall Art Calendar - Learn which workouts to do on what day. You’ll get weekends off for grocery shopping, meal prep, and, of course, life. Plus, get inspirational wall art with motivational quotes from Leandro.
  • K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple) & JUST EAT! Meal Guide - Forget strict diets. This flexible plan with 4 simple steps and easy recipes will help you create healthy habits to eat better, feel better, and shed the weight. 
  • Oh Hello YOUv2 Journal - Here’s where you set goals, track your progress, and note your habits and feelings throughout the journey to discover what sets you back and what pushes you forward to a healthier, happier YOU!!!
There are a few different ways to bundle this great program - so let's chat about which way is best for YOU!!! Fill out this application, and we will start working on You Version 2 within 24 hours!

Fill out my online form.
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Weekend tips to stay on track with your health and fitness goals

Okay, the WEEKEND is upon you! TGIF, freedom, and a break from the work week. That doesn't mean taking a break from your health and fitness goals. Before I became a Beachbody coach, I would stick to my health and fitness routine during the week, and then eat and drink whatever I wanted on the weekend.
I deserved it, right? I worked so hard during the week, that I deserved wine and dessert. But I wound up undoing all that hard work I did during the week.

While you want to stay true to your goals and meal plan, a world without wine, bread, and sweets is a sad one....

However, that doesn't mean that EVERY weekend has to be full of wine, bread, and sweets.
Below are some tips to enjoy without overdoing. If you're eating out, check out my restaurant tips, and I also have tips to stay on track if you're traveling.

1. Up the intensity on your weekend workouts. We usually have more time over the weekend, so use it to intensify and lengthen your workout, making sure to add in some cardio. We can't out exercise a bad diet, but if we exercise a bit more, we burn more.

2. Eat a cup of green leafy veggies before every snack and meal (yes, even breakfast - I do sauteed spinach with my eggs). This way, we're at least starting off with the nutritious stuff.

3. Lemon water all day long.

4. If you've had two weekends in a row of indulgences, take one weekend off and tighten up the nutrition.

5. Another thing you can change this weekend is when you eat. I like to switch it up sometimes and start eating late, like around 11AM, and finish eating early, around 7PM. This is called Intermittent Fasting. This gets me out of my routine and often helps me off my plateau. Ending early also helps me wind down extra early which gets me to bed earlier for some added sleep. If you’re having a low-key weekend why not change it up and see how your body responds.

6. Stop looking at the weekend as a place to blow it - enjoy your wine/beer/margaritas/champagne. But we don't need to drink an entire bottle of wine or pitcher of margaritas. Have 2 or three drinks and ENJOY them thoroughly! Split an indulgent main course or rich dessert with someone and SAVOR each bite. Don't look at this as "Oh, now I blew it, and so why bother, I'll just ruin the whole weekend and start fresh on Monday," but see it as part of the plan of enjoying life, food, and experiences :)

7. Stay accountable. Write down on paper or on your computer, a specific plan. Write out a weekend meal plan if you don't have one already, write down when you will eat, and write down what your workouts will be, and when you will do them. Stick to the plan!

8. NO GUILT!! <3

Completely overdid it over the weekend? Here are some tips to get back on track!

Need help staying on track on the weekends, and support with your health and fitness goals? Fill out the application below to be considered for my next online virtual fit club!

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