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How can anyone afford to drink Shakeology?

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Shakeology costs how much????!!!

I get this question all the time. I excitedly answer. $4 a day- isn't that crazy?! Super ridiculous price for what you get!

And then I realize people are surprised because they think it's expensive.

Wait. Hold the phone. $4 a day? I have a lot of explaining to do if I haven't really revealed what you are actually getting for the price. But before I get into the good stuff- let's actually talk about how shakeology saved me money.

When I first started drinking shakeology 2 1/2 years ago, I didn't really think much about the benefits. I was working out and I was told that shakeology would help me get better, faster results, so I went into it thinking it would be a protein shake to consume while doing Insanity and Asylum. But I never really looked at it as a health shake.
Let's face it. Life in general is expensive. If you know my husband, you know, he has an excel budget sheet which I cringe at each time he busts that bad boy out. But how often do we look at the dollar and say, " I have control over where that goes." If you see shakeology as just another protein shake then HECK YES- IT'S OVERPRICED....

It would be a waste of money if that's all shakeology was.

No matter how many times he busted out the spreadsheet, Shakeology was a non-negotiable. And we came to realize it was actually saving us money.

In order to add shakeology to my diet I just made a few tweaks. Here are a few:

benefits of water, drinking water tips, why drink water,benefits of shakeology, affording shakeology, shakeology expensive, 21 Day Fix,, vanessadotfitness1. Bottled Water- I used to hit up a vending machine or buy cases of water. I would spend anywhere from $2-5 dollars a day. I would pitch the plastic and move on to the next one. I started using a refillable water bottle instead. This also helped me increase my daily water intake. I set my daily water intake goal at 60 ounces minimum, so my personal water bottle is filled at least three times throughout the day- which keeps me on track.

Minimum Saved Weekly= $14

2. Target- Alright. Truth. Have you ever looked at your Target receipt and said UMMM seriously how did I just spend $100? I can't even tell you 5 things I purchased! It's true. Target gets me every time. A shirt here. A new head band there. It adds up! And fast. When I started drinking shakeology, I made the choice to be wiser about my dollar bills spent at The Big Red. I made the conscious choice to create a list of necessities and stayed clear of the workout gear section. Since I go to Target at least once a week, I also decided to sign up for the red card and receive 5% discount on all purchases.

Minimum Saved Weekly= $10

3. Meal Planning- Although I work from home now, when I started drinking Shakeology, it became one of my meals on the go- not an addition to my diet. I also began planning all my meals and buying only the essentials for the week. I went to the grocery store buying only from the list I prepared. My shake was my breakfast. I packed my lunches instead of going to eat once a week and we limited how often we ate out to once a week.

Minimum Saved Weekly= $20
 >>>>>>>>>>>CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE OF MEAL PLANNING<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

shakeology spice latte,  starbucks vs shakeology, benefits of shakeology, affording shakeology, shakeology expensive, 21 Day Fix,, vanessadotfitness
4. Starbucks- Ok. Before I get into how much I LOVE my pumpkin latte. Let me tell you that this company admits to an 80% markup! Yep- definitely fell off my chair when I saw this. And at the price of $3-$4 a cup, you've got to wonder- is there something better for me? Umm heck yes! Yes. I still splurge on an overpriced cup of coffee from time to time But shakeology is wonderful in that it can be blended, shaken and stirred in so many different ways that you really don't crave your of joe in the same way!

Minimum Saved Weekly= $10
5. Vitamins and Supplements- Staying healthy isn't cheap. Look at your medicine cabinet. You likely have supplements and vitamins out the wa-zoo. Shakeology takes the guess work out of all of it. It includes over 70 super foods and in its synergistic form works together to keep my body healthy, my cells fed, and my body overflowing with energy. I don't need to make other protein shakes or smoothies. It's all in there! Done! Easy.

Minimum Saved Weekly= $10
shakeology price issue,  expensvie shakeology, benefits of shakeology, affording shakeology, shakeology expensive, 21 Day Fix,, vanessadotfitness6. Gym Membership- Before working out at home. I would hit up the gym. I would drive 15-20 minutes each way. Jump on the treadmill. Guess how to do some weights. I never paid for a trainer because I KNEW I couldn't afford it. With shakeology, I was able to participate in challenge groups through FACEBOOK. I had access to a free coach, daily. There was no guess work. Results came and results stayed.
gym vs challenge pack image, benefits of shakeology, affording shakeology, shakeology expensive, 21 Day Fix,, vanessadotfitness

Minimum Saved Weekly=$5

7. Get a 25% discount on ALL Beachbody products including Shakeology - Check out this link to see how you can save even more money on Shakeology!

Minimum Saved Monthly=$15

Shakeology has been and continues to be the secret sauce to:
  • Long term results 
  • A healthy immune system 
  • Glowing skin 
  • Thick, healthy hair 
  • Energy boost
It's all about perspective. I know my health is worth it. I know how I feel when I take it, daily. I know that $4 is an STEAL for how I feel. I honestly would pay twice that. Shakeology has been my go to power drink.

Grand Total Saved Drinking Shakeology Weekly= $69
Total Cost Drinking Shakeology Weekly= $28
Difference=$41 a week 
Monthly Savings= $164

I take it because being pro-active about my health is a conscious choice. My question really is, how can anyone afford not to drink Shakeology?

If you'd like to try shakeology risk free for 30 Days, please complete this application to be considered for my next Complimentary 30 Day Fitness and Nutrition Accountability Group.

Fill out my online form.
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