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Summer Survival Shape Up

Do you ever wish you could change? That you would have done things differently in the past to either take a different path in life, or wish you would have taken health and fitness more seriously, or do you ever want to have like super power confidence that just radiates when you walk into a room?

Do you ever wish that you could look as good as you did in those pictures where you 'thought you were fat (let's be real. we've all been there) and you just WISH you could change- but are so tired of getting frustrated, confused and are skeptical of trying something else because you want to know for sure it WILL work for you this time!!

AND... Summertime is all about SURVIVAL MODE!! Right? Because I don't know about you, but margartias, mojitos, fro-yo, hotdogs, pizza, and summer life can easily swallow me up if I let it! And while I do splurge sometimes, I have learned so much about my own personal health & fitness that I LIKE to stay on track because I never want to fall back into my old habits.

And guess what I have a PASSION for doing?
Teaching other people how to do the same!

You are invited to join me for 4 weeks for some summertime accountability! The group will begin on August 1!

-no counting calories or points.
-no treadmills or wandering aimlessly around the gym!

I'm going to show you:

-Balance between those summer treats and your goals.
-How to travel and eat healthy.
-How to make a meal plan.
-Healthy summer swaps.
-Proper portion size.
-30 minute total body workouts.
-At least 1 cheat meal per week.

My goal is to teach you how to make a lifestyle change, not a crash diet, or something you feel deprived by! My goal is to give you tools that will last forever!

Stop the negative self talk. Stop the "I can't eat that," or "I need to go to the gym today." Stop wandering around the gym feeling clueless about what to do and feeling like everyone is staring at you! Stop jumping on a treadmill thinking that is going to get you to your goals!

I have a solution.

Are you in???

Who’s ready to join me?

We will start with seven days of PREP complete with meal planning, new ideas, recipes and tips to help you get up and running followed by our three week – 21 DAY Challenge!

Traveling? Vacation? Weddings? Company? NO PROBLEM!!!!

This is about finding ways to create a healthy LIFESTYLE with balance, fulfillment and RESULTS!

This group will combine both FITNESS & NUTRITION.

I am highlighting the 21-Day Fix and Fix Extreme this month as these two programs have been the most KEY in helping not only myself but the majority of my challengers but we will discuss what is best for YOU!

You can expect sample meal plans during the group but you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to make these specific plans fit YOUR lifestyle.

This group requires that I AM YOUR COACH & that you commit to a fitness program that we will decide on together.

Each participant will replace one meal with our nutrient dense superfood meal replacement, Shakeology and I’ll provide you with the support, motivation and drive to not only COMMIT but follow through with your commitment.

There will only be 10 participants selected this round so it will be based on a first come first serve basis!!!!

The first three people who enrol by the end of day July 25 will receive a $25 Amazon gift card!!

Fill out the application below, invite some friends & get pumped up!!! If you invite a friend who enrolls, you will be double entered in the drawing!

Fill out my online form.
Use Wufoo integrations and get your data to your favorite apps.

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