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Demand ME TIME Accountability Group

My son came home from school Friday with news about his lunch. "Mom, you forgot to put peanut butter in my sandwich. But don't worry, I just ate the bread plain and I still had my milk."

I forgot to put the peanut butter between the two slices of bread. It wasn't the first time.

But let me back track for a minute and start by telling you that I have royally screwed up motherhood. I mean, the crisp magazine, shiny images of motherhood - THOSE are not my motherhood and they have always been lost on me.

I would make a ridiculously good real life transformation for Pottery Barn, but let's be honest... I don't pottery barn. The transformation would be lost on the McLaughlin boys.

I Target.  I Marshalls. I Kohls.
I DO NOT Pottery Barn.

Now combine that with the fact that:
I am the mom that needs to be reminded of every email at least 50 times.
I am the mom that has forgotten the field trip permission slip.
I am the mom that rarely gets to the bus stop with my teeth brushed or my hair combed.
I am the mom who refuses to put clothes away. I mean ever. Everyone gets a basket of clean clothes in their room. That's it.
I am the mom who will spray a dirty T-shirt with Fabreeze when my kids really, really just HAVE to wear it that day,.
I am the mom that tries really hard to get her kids to eat healthy but every once in awhile they they eat chicken nuggets and mac n cheese.
I am the mom that has had to run the washer about twice per load because I forget about it.
I am the mom that has a messy house, stains on the carpet, handprints all over the wall, and knicks on every wall in the house.
I am a mess of a mom and I AM DAMN PROUD OF IT.

For 13  years that I have been trying to navigate the ever roaring rip tides of parenting I have always felt like I was being swallowed alive by the tossing waves.

Until I realized...

My kids are turning out to be pretty damn good.

And so that's what I want to share.

Aside from looking like a train wreck 90% of the time- I am pretty darn MOM-FIDENT.

1. I've learned that moderation is a heck of a lot more gratifying than deprivation.
2. I've learned that I am more patient when I make myself a priority.
3. I've learned that it is not selfish when I have some me time. My time is 6 am. Every day. No one comes near mama at 6 am.
4. I've learned that failing at motherhood is part of growing in motherhood.
5. I've learned that perfection is a myth.

Because let's face it. Life demands so much of you. But do you demand more for yourself?

More energy? 
More confidence? 
More strength? 
More accountability? 
More support? 
More of what makes you feel ALIVE?
YOU deserve more.
I am looking for women who:
  • Are willing to take 22-30 minutes a day to push play at home with a fitness program we select together.
  • Will follow a simple meal plan that is kid friendly and husband approved.
  • Will replace one meal with nutrient dense Shakeology.
  • Are sick of getting asked the question "What's for dinner?" and never having an answer.
  • Want to kick some of the bad habits such as- negative self talk to the curb.
  • Want to FEEL CONFIDENT at the parties, in the skinny jeans and the dresses sitting in the back of your closet. 
  • Are interested in a JUDGEMENT FREE environment to talk about the real life of moms.
What you will receive:
  • Daily support, accountability, and a close community of women like you.
  • A free downloadable app to track your fitness goals and check your progress.
  • 30 Days of Beachbody on Demand including programs like, Chalean Extreme, P90X3, T25, and Hammer and Chisel.
  • 30 day supply of nutrient dense Shakeology
  • Customizable meal plans, container portion control system and recipes as well as access to the Beachbody on Demand exlcusive: Fixate, a cooking show by Autumn Calabrese, creator of the 21 Day Fix. 
  • An opportunity to win $500 for submitting your results.
  • Me as your virtual coach.
Please note:
This opportunity is open to 10 women who are willing to "selfishly" invest $4 a day in themselves in order to:
1. Feel CONFIDENT in their skin- lose weight, tone, up, gain muscle (or all of the above)
2. Gain energy to keep up with the demanding to do list
3. Give up the guilt and and stop asking, "am I enough."

I know *GASP* how can I possibly invest $4 in myself is what you are asking yourself?
What if it doesn't work?

It works.
I guarantee it.
And I can speak from experience, this could potentially change your life.
As an online virtual health and fitness coach, a recovering lawyer, and a mom who's just kinda winging it, I am opening the doors to my next online fitness and nutrition accountability.
In order to participate, please complete the application below so that I can message you before Sept 19.

*If you miss the deadline and would like to be considered for our next group, please complete the application so that I may provide you with upcoming details. 

Fill out my online form.
There are tons of Wufoo features to help make your forms awesome.

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