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Skinny Spinach Stuffed Shells

The butterfly effect, vanessa mclaughlin, vanessamc246

I have one son that loves vegetables, and he's always willing to try new ones! But my husband, and my other son like only TWO green vegetables! My husband will say he loves vegetables, and then list them: corn, potatoes, and turnips. While these fall into the true vegetable, growing in the ground, category, they are less like vegetables and more like starch. So, I'm constantly looking for ways to "hide" vegetable in dishes, and sneak them into just about anything! Last night, I added in spinach with cheese, and hit it all in a shell, then hid it even more under a blanket of tomato sauce! Nobody complained and it please every family member!! Hope your family loves it as much as ours did!

½ lb Whole Wheat Pasta shells (I used gluten free brown rice ones)
1 large can Fire Roasted Tomatoes
1-2 cups Spinach, chopped
1 (15 oz) container low fat Ricotta
1 egg
4 leaves basil, chopped
1 (8oz) bag of low moisture part skim mozzarella cheese, shredded
1 tsp each salt, pepper, garlic salt,
1 tsp dried oregano
1 tsp dried basil

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. In a bowl combine ricotta cheese and egg, mix well, then add the dry seasonings, and stir again.
3. Add the chopped basil and spinach and half of the shredded cheese and stir until everything is combined.
4. In a baking dish, empty half the contents of the can of fire roasted tomatoes, and cut the tomatoes up a little bit (you could also use a jar of tomato sauce, I just like the lighter flavor of the roasted tomatoes).
5. Then one by one fill the shells with a heaping tablespoon of the mixture and line up in the baking dish.
6. Pour the rest of the can of tomatoes on top
7. Add the remaining cheese on top.
8. Bake for 20-30 minutes and enjoy!

I served with more spinach on my own plate, because it's one of my favorite vegetables.  I also
doubled the recipe and froze over half of them in tupperware containers of 2 shells each, so I could take them for lunches at work.  Zap them in the microwave and they make a delicious lunch!

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