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PiYO - Week 4 Recap

Week 4 is officially in the books and this week brought on a whole new level of intensity! Two new workouts were introduced – Hardcore on the floor and Drench. Both left me spent and sweaty!

I can feel my strength improving even as I do regular daily activities around the house: grocery bags, the vacuum cleaner, lifting and lugging them around the house and up and down stairs. But its no secret. They’re not changing – I’m getting stronger – AND I LIKE IT!!!! This program trains the body for functional movement. It's not static, and during the workouts, the body is always moving.

To top it off, I've maintained my four pound weight loss. I still have six to go, but in weight loss, slower is better, because I know I'm more likely to keep it off. So, I try to remember to just enjoy the journey!

The workouts keep getting more challenging, which means my body is not adapting or plateauting, and I’m feeling the burn during week 4 – but like any workout regimen, the nutrition is 80% of success!!! I have learned the hard way you can do crunches until you’re blue in the face but without the proper nutrition those abs will remain in hiding!

OH…the meal planning!!!

I have found I have more success when I stick to my favorites! Meal planning is easier, shopping is easier, and I waste less therefore save more $$ – so what’s to complain about? I like my snacks to be filling and crunchy…and take a little time to eat. I am often grab my breakfast, lunch, and snacks a I head out to to work,  so, I've prepped raw veggies, apples, with small baggies of nuts, and my remade lunch; all things that I can prep ahead of time and quickly grab, except for my Shakeology. That I  make each morning, in five minutes or less and drink it on my way to work.

Here’s my week 4 meal plan:

Now for the workouts:

Monday – Sweat: I know this workout routine now. Each time I do it, now I can push myself more, because I know what to expect.

Tuesday – Hardcore on the floor: This WAS tough!!  Different than the regular core. I felt it in my abs the next day, which I loved, because it means I worked them!! Here is a little video of some of the exercises in this workout.

PiYO, Pilates, Yoga, Chalene Johnson, Buns workout, legs workout, glutes workout, vanessamc246, change one thing, change everythingWednesday – BUNS: Still one of my favorite workouts.  Love working my legs.

Thursday – Drench: This was a new workout in the rotation.  Longer, almost 50 minutes, and like the name, I was drenched at the end.  Great workout, but glad it's only once this week!

Friday – PiYO rest day, perfect after Drench.

Saturday – Strength Intervals: Love this quick and dirty strength and cardio session. 20 minutes and done!

Sunday – Sweat: back to basics with this workout, and I keep pushing and stretching!

PiYO, Pilates, Yoga, Chalene Johnson, Buns workout, legs workout, glutes workout, vanessamc246, change one thing, change everything, Drench, full body workout
I absolutely love the convenience of working out at home on my own schedule, but I also love running with my son, especially in the brisk fall weather!! We don't run fast or far, 3 miles at the most, but we are together, and outdoors!  So, Monday and Saturday we ran together, and I feel the progress from PiYO in my running. My hips and hamstrings aren't as tight, and I'm finding the jog more comfortable.

This week, I worked out in the morning EVERY day, even on the weekends. This is a struggle for me, because I'm not a morning person. But boy, to I LOVE getting my workout over with and accomplished at the beginning of the day.  e week closed out with a Sunday morning SWEAT session and a short cameo by my son, Colt. I love that my children get to see me in action. Children will imitate what they see not what they are told and I am going to do everything in my power to make sure they see me living a healthy happy life!

If you’re interested in PiYO you can create a FREE team beachbody account HERE and fill out the form below for a spot in my next accountability group! Its never too late to get started and you can never have too much support along the way!

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