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PiYO - Week 5 in review

PiYO Chalene Johnson Quote happy, vanessamc246, PiYO, pilates, yoga, weightless, exercise, fitness, beach body
Week 5 has come and gone, and I love PiYO more and more Every. Single. Day. Its not getting easier – I’m getting stronger! I love the way I feel post workout and I can’t get enough of the motivation provided by Chalene throughout the videos. She often states what a blessing it is to be working out together and she’s right – it is truly a blessing!!! It improves my body, and it improves my mood, EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT!
I workout because I CAN, because I'm "treating" my body, not because I "have to," and exercise is not a punishment.
I always make my meal plan up on Thursday nights, and because I work full-time, I'm lucky enough to have my mom grocery shop for me on Fridays. Thanks, Mom!!
This way I'm not missing precious weekend time with my husband or sons!
Here's my Week 5 meal plan:

On Sunday, I prepped my lunches for the week, and roasted some veggies for dinners. I also cooked up some ground turkey meatballs to add to tomato sauce, or make"burgers." This way, dinners during the week, after I come home from work, are simple to assemble, and I don't have to stress.

PiYO Chalene Johnson Quote happy, vanessamc246, PiYO, pilates, yoga, weightless, exercise, fitness, beach body
Week 5 workouts:
Monday: Sculpt
Tuesday: Sweat
Wednesday: Core
Thursday: Drench
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Super Saturday Workout
Sunday: Strength Intervals

The calendar provided in the DVD program is so important! Just when I feel body recovering from the prior days’ workouts I get those muscles stretched and ready to be lengthened and strengthened all over again.

My core is getting stronger and not only am I feeling the difference I can see the difference!!

PiYO Chalene Johnson Quote happy, vanessamc246, PiYO, pilates, yoga, weightless, exercise, fitness, beach body
Every week I start off strong, and rocking it. But between work, family, and all the activities we have, getting up and working out becomes more difficult. On Monday, I loved SCULPT!  Just really functional body strength movements, make me feel strong!
On Tuesday, I realized I'm mastering SWEAT. This is the confidence boosting workout for the week, as I've been doing it since week one.
This week, by Wednesday, I was exchausted! I coached my sons' XC team on Monday night, and had to work late Tuesday night, and so, I fell off the morning workout wagon!
Wednesday I did the CORE workout when I came home from work at 5:30, but had to attend a PTO meeting at my son's school.
Thursday, I pushed through the DRENCH workout.  It wasn't pretty. It's the longest workout in the program.  Getting started was the most challenging part. After the first 10 minutes, I powered through.

PiYO Chalene Johnson Quote happy, vanessamc246, PiYO, pilates, yoga, weightless, exercise, fitness, beach body
When Friday came around I was grateful for the rest day! The next day, I was driving to Pittsburgh and back in the same day, a three hour drive each direction, and I knew it was going to be a long day.

Saturday I spent the day in Pittsburgh with 1,000 other Beachbody coaches for Super Saturday! It's a day of training, celebrating successes, and a workout, of course! The energy is high, and when we all workout together we feed off of each others almost frenzied, excitement! It creates such a feeling of gratitude, positivity, and a lasting, all natural "high."

Sunday I crashed! I slept in until 9 a.m., then spent the messaging my Beachbody coaches and challengers. My body was so exhausted, that at 1 p.m. I took a nap!! Finally, around 3 p.m. I completed my workout – and yes, that strength interval workout is STILL killing me – and then I spent the rest of the day prepping the meals for the week.
I had a busy week. I was away from home late a night, and all day Saturday. But there is one thing I did every day – and that is PREPARE! Having my snacks all prepped in advance, able to be grabbed as I run out the door – keeps me on track.

If you are interested in PiYO or any other workout program and would like to get 1:1 coaching and support along with motivation and accountability, please fill out my challenge and accountability application below! I will share tips and recipes and I will help you with the one thing I always found so difficult – MEAL PLANNING! Remember – your health and fitness success is 80% nutrition. You can get all the results and support you need right in your own home – and you don’t have to do it alone!

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