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Hammer and Chisel - Week 1 Recap

Hammer & Chisel was released on Tuesday, December 1, but with the Beachbody Club Membership and On Demand feature I had access to the workouts and all the informational guides on December 2, and I started planning for the following week right away! The first thing I did was create my meal plan.

It follows the same plan as the 21 Day Fix, but can be modified according to your goals. I want to lean out and lose about 10 pounds, so I fall into the lowest calorie bracket.

The nutrition guide comes with a calculation based on weight, activity level and goals. The result of this calculation, gave me a “plan” to follow. This plan will tells me how many portions of each food group/container I get each day, and then the planning begins!

The DVD's and all my materials arrived on Friday.
So what came in the box?!?!

I opted for the The Masters Hammer and Chisel Deluxe DVD Package:
  • 12 Workouts on 6 DVDs
    • Hammer Plyometrics
    • Iso Speed Hammer
    • Total Body Hammer
    • Max Hammer Strength
    • Hammer Power
    • Hammer Conditioning
    • Chisel Balance
    • Iso Strength Chisel
    • Chisel Endurance
    • Chisel Cardio
    • Chisel Agility
    • Total Body Chisel
  • A set of 7 portion control containers and shaker cup
  • Program and Nutrition Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 60-Day Workout Calendar
  • Plus 2 bonus gifts
    • 10 Minute Ab Hammer
    • 10 Minute Ab Chisel
  •  4 Advanced Total Body Workouts
    • Hammer Build Up
    • Power Chisel
    • 15 Minute Leg Hammer
    • 15 Minute Glute Chisel 
  • An extra set of 7 portion control containers
  • An 8 pound medicine ball
I started the program on Monday, December 7.
The week's schedule started with
After week one, I'm not as sore as I expected!

One thing I am adding to this program is more of the PERFORMANCE LINE supplements.

I have been using the pre-wrokout ENERGIZE from Beachbody’s Performance Line for a few months and love it…it gives me an energy boost to power through my early morning workouts without leaving me jittery! I never really felt the need to add any of the other Performance Line products…until now.

I am adding the post-workout RECOVER to speed up muscle recovery and combat this  exercise-induced muscle soreness! These workouts are a change – they are a challenge -and I fully expect to feel the muscle soreness of a tough workout. These products helps the body recover and recoup after training, and I can already feel the impact in just the first 3 days.
Jello legs post workout where I am so fatigued yet the pain the next day is not at all what I would expect and I know the performance line is making all the difference in the world!
I am also going to add the RECHARGE in the evening to support over night muscle recovery.

The food on the meal plan has been keeping me full, and the workouts empower me, making me feel strong, even though I'm sore!! 

This program is hard, I love weight training, and love when my body starts showing muscle definition! This may become my favorite program!

On Monday, I loved how Chisel Balance challenged my core, and all my stabilizer muscles.  The exercises felt functional, and working to improve my balance.

On Tuesday, I was worried about Hammer Plyo.  Plyometrics, all the jumping, usually is challenging for my right knee and hip that have been given me issues as I age.  But I was pleasantly surprised! It didn't hurt my knee and hip at all, and as expected, made me sweat and I felt the effective burn in all my muscles!
Wednesday's workout included burpees and Romanian split squats.  I'm loving this program, because I hate those two exercises, and this program is forcing me to do exercises I wouldn't normally include in my routine. These will make a difference in my body! Our bodies get used to doing the same exercises, and the variety in this program will create the changes I desire.
I was grateful for Thursday's rest day!
On Friday and the weekend, I was a little sore, but taking the Recover and Recharge after the workout and then before I go to sleep at night, really helped me power through the weekend's workouts!

If you are interested in joining me in the new year for Hammer and Chisel, the 21 Day Fix or another program, – my January 4 RESOLUTIONS into RESULTS challenge group is now forming!

Fill out the application below and/or email me at for details. Here…we…goooooo!!!!
Fill out my online form.
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