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Five tips to get back on track after an overeating emergency!

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This is the time of year when we go to parties and celebrations revolve around food, and while we have the best of intentions, we’re also human.

I want to share with you five tips to implement after an overeating emergency, in the event that you had the best intentions, but maybe someone gave you an extra glass of wine, and then you realized you ate a lot more than you thought you would eat!

So, I’m sharing with you what to do the day after, but this plan starts on the DAY OF the overeating...

Stop the bleeding - you’ve heard this term before. Just stop. I know many people, myself included where I have fallen of track one day, and just eaten junk, and more junk! 
And my mindset starts saying: "Who cares? Ruined the day already, might as well just eat whatever I want, this whole cake, and all these leftovers and TOMORROW I’ll get back on track."

Freeze leftovers, or give them to guests to take home.

Once you realized you’ve blown it, don’t keep blowing it. Drink a bunch of water and go to bed! STOP THE EATING!

This is the most important. We make bad decisions, we are under stress and we continue to beat ourselves up when we don’t recognize that it’s JUST ONE DAY, we’re human, many people did this too. So forgive yourself. Remember that you are HUMAN!! It’s not that big of a deal.

3. Replace your pity party with a PLAN!
Intead of saying, “Oh, I suck! I’m a loser! I have no self control! I knew I would do this! I can’t believe I did that! I should go drink a bottle of wine and eat a quart of ice cream!”
Instead of getting deeper and deeper into your pity party,
Grab a piece of paper and a pen, or your phone and create your plan for the next day.
That means: Scheduling your workouts and making a meal plan for the next few days.

4. YOUR WORKOUTThe day after, your emergency plan should include, getting yourself up and getting yourself ready! Get yourself together. Don’t let yourself to continue to feel gross. Take a shower, fluff up your hair, put some lip gloss on, ladies, or men, put on deoderant and clean clothes, whatever you need to do, but get yourself together, before you go to workout! DO NOT HANG OUT IN YOUR SWEATPANTS OR PJ’s!

And your workout for the day after should be steady state moderate intensity cardio. Not the best fat burning method, BUT that’s the way to sweat out that sodium and sugar.

Your body will feel off because you ate foods you don’t normally eat, and ate a lot of them. You had more sugar than normal, or maybe more MEAT than normal, and whatever it is, you want to get those out of your body, AND exercise will make you FEEL GOOD! I want you to FEEL GOOD, because this can be a vicious cycle, of feeling bad about what you ate, and then eating more because of feeling upset and disappointed in yourself. 
You're not going to let that happen! That’s why this is a plan for FEELING better, and so do some steady state cardio aerobics for 45 minutes to an hour at moderate intensity.

SO, you’re not dying for an hour, but you’re sweating it OUT!

Follow it up with 10 minutes of yoga type stretches that involve twisting the core, because twisting helps digestion. We need to get things moving and OUT of the system. So, twisting helps that along.

What are we going to put in our bodies to help digestion and help things to move? Fiber in the form of greens: kale, spinach, broccoli, lettuce...NO MEAT for one day!
Try for one gallon (108 ounces) of water. Fill up a gallon jug, or fill up enough bottles of water to make a gallon and start chugging!

These five tips will help you handle when the day before you overindulged.

BUT the most important tip is #2 Be kind to yourself. You are human. We compare ourselves too often to other people’s highlight reels.

We’ve all been there, me too, but best way to overcome it, is to get yourself back on track as quickly as possible!

If you need more support, consider joining my November 28 accountability group, where we'll be on a Mission to Maintain during the holidays, or fill out the form below.

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