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We have approximately 10 weeks until Memorial Day weekend. This is the unofficial start of SUMMER, of the warmer weather and vacation season!

It is the season of shorts and dresses and tanks and oh yes, the sometimes dreaded but always needed bathing suit!

I am getting ready to Spring into Action on April 18. My goal is get as many of you ready for summer without the typical stress – without the feeling that you have to wear your cover up the entire summer at the pool or the beach, or that restricted feeling that you can’t enjoy the family picnics and in a way that this becomes your way of LIFE and not just another summer “diet”.

Trust me – I get it!

Life is busy.

I have two boys of my own and totally get the idea that “there just isn’t enough time” but I am here to show how this is going to SAVE you time!

And while I am focused on balance and fun while on vacation…I am well aware that I am going to need a little jump start when I get back!

Not only am I going to be leading the group but I am going to be right there in the trenches with you!
We will spend 4 weeks together starting April 18 .
Week 1 will be our prep week followed by the 21-day challenge starting April 25.
You will commit to 20-30 minutes of daily exercise, Shakeology, and daily accountability through our group ran through a private Facebook group.

There is also an *Optional* 3 Day Cleanse to be completed at any point during the challenge! I personally will be doing this – if this is something you think would help you meet your goals…let’s chat about it!

What are the requirements?

Are you currently working with a TeamBeachbody coach? If NOT, then let me be yours! Create a free account by clicking here. Create Free Account
Complete the Challenge group application below so I can help you select the best program fit for you and make sure this challenge will help you meet your goals.
Commit to a workout program of you choice and Replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology. Why Shakeology?? It simple: it’s amazing and it is going to make you FEEL better as far as daily energy, it will complete your daily nutrition, it is one meal you don’t have to think about, and its quick, convenient, and honestly while you may be thinking “the taste though” it truly is delicious! But here’s the kicker – if for some crazy reason you’re not convinced – you can actually return the bag – FOR A FULL REFUND!

What do you have to lose? The blah feeling, the low energy, the weight.

What do you have to gain? Energy, confidence, health!

Fill out my online form.

There are tons of Wufoo features to help make your forms awesome.


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