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What's the difference between the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme?

Haven't yet experienced the 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme? With the ability to lose 10-15 pounds in three weeks without starving makes these programs popular, how do you know which one is right for you?

This month the programs are on sale for $10 with a purchase of Shakeology!

Each program includes:
  • Two DVDs with seven thirty minute workouts, and a free bonus DVD
  • Nutrition Guide with seven portion control containers
  • Workout Calendar
  • 3-Day Quick Fix
  • Eating Plan
  • Shaker Cup
  • 24/7 Online Support
The Challenge Pack contains all of the above, PLUS a 30-day supply of Shakeology (flavors of your choice)!

What’s the difference between the two?
21 Day Fix is THE fitness and nutrition program to help you lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days. Each workout is approximately 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week. The unique nutrition plan uses specifically portioned food storage containers that eliminate the guesswork from portion control - no weighing, measuring, or counting calories, carbs or points. If it fits in the container, you can eat it. And you'll lose weight. Both programs are based on easy-to-follow workout moves and simple portion control.

21 Day Fix EXTREME is a step up in intensity from 21 Day Fix.

Who are the programs for?
  • 21 Day Fix - Everyone can do 21 Day Fix and get great results. Each workout has a modifier to show easier moves, and the moves can also be made more challenging. The test groups included fit people as well as people with 100+ pounds to lose, to be sure that anyone could be successful with this program.
  • 21 Day Fix EXTREME is ideal for anyone with an athletic background, or for those with a dramatic short-term weight loss deadline--such as an upcoming vacation, photo shoot, or other big event. It's an excellent next step for 21 Day Fix graduates ready for a new challenge or graduates of other extreme programs like P90X, Insanity, and FOCUS T25. Fix EXTREME is also great for those who don't have much weight to lose, but want to get shredded and see abs; those with a "no BS" attitude toward workouts and nutrition; or anyone who doesn't want to count calories, weigh their food, or follow complicated recipes.
  • 21 Day Fix: A total body fitness program. Each day has a different workout to make seven 30 minute workouts in one week. Each exercise has a modifier which makes these workouts perfect for those with any fitness ability.
  • 21 Day Fix EXTREME is exactly like it sounds. It’s more intense. The workouts feature more variety and added resistance (even to Plyo). It’s just a heck of a lot tougher, and there’s still a modifier for every move. Fix EXTREME still uses simple boot camp style workouts for 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week, but at much higher intensity: most moves are weighted; breaks are shorter; there are more options to add intensity; and even the modified moves are more challenging. There’s a ton of resistance training in 21 Day Fix Extreme. 

  • 21 Day Fix: The 21 Day Fix nutrition plan is one of the easiest on the market. Since you eat
    everything in moderation – nothing is off-limits! Ingredients for your meals are easy to buy, a breeze to prepare and a joy to eat. Best of all, you can have Shakeology, since it counts as a protein. The 21 Day Fix portioned containers are measured out for the correct portions, so you don’t have to count calories. Simply put the food in the containers, that are easy to carry around when you’re on-the-go. For your convenience, they are dishwasher and microwave safe! Breast feeding? Vegetarian? Vegan? You can modify your meals to suit your needs, using the directions provided in the materials. Enjoy a treat a couple of times a week – as long as you don’t gorge yourself! Here is a sample of the 21 Day Fix meal plan.

  • 21 Day Fix EXTREME: 21 Day Fix EXTREME takes the proven fitness and nutrition approach of the original to the next level with cleaner eating. Fix EXTREME's nutrition plan still uses simple portion control, but this time the eating is 100% clean: treats like wine or chocolate are no longer allowed; many less nutritious food options have been removed; there are new clean recipes; and Autumn's personal "Countdown to Competition" plan, designed to get anyone in competition-level shape in just 21 days, is a new option. Here is an example of the 21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Plan.

21 Day Fix & 21 Day Fix Extreme Program overviews

Follow your 30 minutes of fun workouts daily for best results. You will need a resistance band and dumbbells – 5 lbs and 10 lbs if you’re a beginner.

21 Day Fix is ideal for everyone from beginner-levels up, while 21 Day Fix Extreme is perfect for anyone who wants faster results and a more intense workout. The meal plans are simple and flexible and the workouts have modifiers, making it easy, even for obese individuals or beginners. However, it is also challenging enough for people of intermediate fitness levels. Men and women alike can benefit from the 21 Day Fix & 21 Day Fix Extreme programs.

Learn more about the 21 Day Fix here:

More info on 21 Day Fix EXTREME here:

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