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My Fear of FAILURE...

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There is a DISEASE that everyone should be SCARED of. It is something that is freaking RAMPID in our society. And its KILLING our spirits, dreams and any chance we have to be our best selves. It's called "Fear of Failure" and it is BEATEN into us from childhood.

Think about it, When you are a child do you ever question trying things out? Do you ever NOT try and walk because you are afraid to fall on the ground? Or do you ever NOT try the cartwheel in gymnastics class because you know hitting your head will hurt? NO, EVERYONE is falling around you and you just GO FOR IT until you get it! But then you go to school and you're taught an F on your paper or test, stands for FAILURE, and it becomes the grade you fear the most, because it means you are a failure; you have failed on this test or paper, and therefore you have failed at school, at life. And we spend the rest of our adult lives avoiding the prospect of failure LIKE THE PLAGUE.

So, if you don't "succeed" at something in everyone else's eyes, you're a FAILURE and no one wants that! But, I challenge you to REDEFINE FAILURE. Try and define it for yourself. Is it being FIRED right before Christmas? Is it being in 200k of defaulted student debt and not telling your husband the whole story until a week before your wedding? IS it spending 3 years in law school, passing the bar exam, working as a lawyer, and then deciding it wasn't for you ? Is it starting 5 different careers and then you realize at 45 years old you like none of them? BECAUSE I've done THEM ALL, DO YOU GUYS THAT FOLLOW ME think I'm a failure? Because by conventional definitions, I MOST CERTAINLY AM!

But something CRAZY happened after each one of those things .....I picked myself UP and started again until I got it right. NOT RIGHT by society definition ....RIGHT by MY definition. And each one of those things POINTED me in this direction...TODAY.

NOW think about all the things you never did because you where "Afraid to fail" and think about IF you tried those things and you succeeded? Would your life look different? Would it look better? BUT let me get this straight you were SCARED to try because of POSSIBLE failure? THIS IDEA CONFUSES ME.

So lets dig DEEPER. Let's call failure "fear of what other people think of you" because thats really it! Because failure is in the eye of the beholder! So in reality YOU are scared to tell people you are trying something! right? BUT what if your CHILD came to you and said "I'm scared to try for this scholarship that would change my college experience BECAUSE if I don't get it people will laugh at me." YOU WOULD ( as the parent) say: "don't you EVER not do something because of what people think , they don't matter anyway....RIGHT? SO WHY cant we do that for ourselves?!?!?!?!?!?!

So do me a favor right now. THINK about the thing you DON'T want to try. Let's take Beachbody coaching for example. You don't want to try because you are SCARED to fail. right? BUT WHAT is failure to you?

It helps me if I can LIST out the worst case scenarios, so that I can logically tell myself those are SILLY fears that have been drilled into my brain from childhood.

#1- Worst thing that can happen is: I get a fitness program for myself and get some good results.
#2- What if I stop working out? Ok, I'll start again!
#3- What if I start coaching and then people think its weird? WELL odds are you don't want those people in your life anyway, and what difference does it make what they think! If you KNOW you are doing good for yourself and for others then why on EARTH would anyone you call a friend think thats weird?
#4- What if i don't reach some ridiculous standard I have in my own head on my own time? The only place you are going is FORWARD! Then you are further than you would have been!

YOU SEE, FOR ME, the FEAR and disease that drives ME has ALWAYS been "fear of missing out" or "fear of being left behind" Or fear of getting OLD and having REGRETS.

FAILURE is however YOU DEFINE IT. BUT for most of us , its an EXCUSE we use to protect ourselves! FAILURE is NEVER the WORST CASE. The worst case is ALWAYS holding yourself back from something imaginary and then missing out on the best you. NOW, when I put it like that doesn't that sound silly?

THE GOOD NEWS: there is a CURE. its called stop being a weenie and GO FOR IT. Don't the person who says "I WISH I DID THAT." find that thing you had when you were a child that TOLD you to keep trying for the cartwheel because eventually you'll get it OR you'll find out you don't even like cartwheels and you'll move onto SWIMMING

Beachbody coaching, girlboss, be your own boss,, vanessadotfitness, beacbhbodySo, what the heck is this Beachbody Coaching thing? That’s what I used to wonder. I was a big skeptic. I heard about coaches, but I had no idea what they actually did or how they made money. Now, I feel BLESSED to have found a job that allows me to work out, set my own hours, be my own boss, connect with like-minded people on social media, and earn money while I’m at it. I couldn’t ask for a better job!

I am going to be hosting a Sneak Peek Into Coaching Group on Wednesday, DECEMBER 28 (all day, so jump on whenever you want) so that I can tell you exactly what coaching entails: time commitment, how coaches make money, what they do on a daily basis, and how they grow their business. I’ll cover it all! Contact me at or through Facebook if you’d like to join. We’ll be talking about:
  • What is a Beachbody Coach?
  • What are the advantages of becoming a coach?
  • How do they make money?
  • What experience is needed?
  • What are the work hours like?
  • What sets successful coaches apart?
  • How does a coach advance their business?
  • What type of training will I receive?
It’s a great place to simply ask questions, no commitment required. 

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