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Being a saved me.  

It saved me from becoming the girl who was going down the path of "I'm supposed to be happy, so I guess this is good enough." 
I mean, why mess with "good enough"?  

It saved me from "Is this all there is?"
Why change paths when you are "working a dream job"? 

Honestly "good enough" just isn't "good enough" for me. I'm not that kind of person.

I still loved teaching and inspiring, but I needed to do it in a way that more on my own terms, with me at the steering wheel, making the decisions. That wasn't happening for me teaching college writing, or marketing for a law school. I needed to be more and do more for my family and I found a way to do that.

Coaching has given me more opportunities.
Coaching has given me more freedom.
Coaching has given me a tribe and support bigger than we ever imagined.
Coaching has given me a place to live out me passions and teach on a completely new platform.
Coaching has given me a reason to attack me day with positivity.
Coaching has proved me time and shown me time again that my work matters.

Coaching has given me the opportunity to greet the boys off the school bus each and every single day.

I was not a social media expert, nutrition expert, or your extroverted, friend on Facebook with 1,000 friends, when I started Coaching. I grew into the Coach I am today, on my own timeline, with my own rules, with my own goals and my own expectations. I grew to be the full-time GirlBoss that I am today. It didn't happen overnight, it happened over time.

But it all began with a simple decision. I said, "Yes, Vanessa, you do deserve more. There IS more."

It's not for everyone, but it's life-changing for go-givers, go-getters, and leaders who are positive people & love giving other's advice in fitness & health and in life.

Click the link below and then click "JOIN" to be added to my INFORMATIONAL, NO OBLIGATION  "What is Coaching? Can I be a Coach?" sneak peek on Monday, March 27👍🏼...check it out and see if it's for you!

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