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weight loss, weightloss, autumn calabrese, 21 day fix, tosca reno, clean eating, paleo, kept, lose weight, summer absSpring is a season of renewal and a perfect time to focus on making positive changes to your health & fitness! Not to mention, it’s also time to flaunt our spring dresses, sleeveless tops, and shorts, and GET READY for SUMMER! No more hiding behind baggy sweaters and layers! 

What if you could lose ONE pound a week until summer? That would be 10 POUNDS!!! What about two or three pounds per week? That would be 20 - 30 POUNDS GONE!!

I’m on a mission to help women look and feel amazing this summer! To regain their confidence, tighten and tone their bodies, improve their energy, and glow from the inside out! To WANT to be in pictures with their babies instead of hiding behind the camera! To THRIVE!

I’ve transformed my entire life {mindset, skin, self-confidence, relationship with food, mood, and more}. I’m proof that you don’t need a lot of space, time, equipment, or fancy things to look and feel your best!

There’s nothing WORSE than trying on everything in your closet and realizing NOTHING fits or looks good! I’ve been there!

So I’m currently accepting applications for my newest online accountability group where we’ll lock arms and dig deep to achieve a physical AND mental that will allow us to spring clean our bodies and minds (of negative self-talk and limiting beliefs) and ROCK our spring attire this season! This is your time to THRIVE!


:: What’s included? ::

-30 minute daily at-home workouts
-superfood shakes that will make you feel like a supermom and improve your energy, hair, skin, and nails
-easy to follow meal plan
-healthy family-friendly recipes
-1:1 coaching and support from me
-personal development readings and activities (to help you find that confidence)
-online accountability group to help you stay on track and make friends with other mamas
-tips for following the 80% healthy, 20% indulgent rule
-motivation, support, and accountability

:: How does it work? ::

1. I’ll help you choose the workout program and superfood shake flavor that’s best for you and your goals. Then I’ll add you to our private group (where the magic, motivation, and support happens!)

2. Each day you’ll complete your workout, drink your shake, and log it in the group for accountability.

3. I’ll post in the group every day (sharing fitness tips, recipes, motivation, and more).

4.You’ll connect with the other moms in the group, feel supported, and create friendships!

5. You’ll have amazing results and be FULL of life, energy, and JOY!

:: Are you with me? ::

If so:
1. Message me at
2. Invite a friend (or two) to join you. (This is great for accountability!)
3. Then please complete this application:


Fill out my online form.
Use Wufoo integrations and get your data to your favorite apps.

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