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Insanity Max 30 - Week 1 Review

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So last week I posted about my new adventure, starting Insanity Max30! My Beachbody Coach said it was her “Soul Mate” workout, and that she was running a challenge group this month specifically for the Max 30 program. This intrigued me enough to sign up for the group and be a challenger again. This means 100% dedication and commitment to not just the workouts, but the meal plans too! I mean not cheating for 8 weeks sounds really daunting, right? There are a lot of events that are going to happen in the next 8 weeks. We have family visiting from Boston, friends visiting from Maryland, Memorial Day weekend and a trip to New York City! When I think about these challenges, I get overwhelmed. How will I entertain guests, travel, and get through a holiday still exercising and eating clean? I take it one day at a time! I am going back to being a challenger instead of always being the coach!

When I signed up for the group, I became part of the private Facebook group run by my coach. I completed the challenge group she ran for the 21 Day Fix this past September, so I knew I had a place to receive support, motivation, and guidance from my own coach, who had successfully motivated me through the 21 Day Fix.

I spent Sunday doing food prep, and making sure I scheduled all my workouts on my calendar. Since, Max 30 follows the 21 Day Fix meal plan, it was easy to plan. Here is my meal plan for the week.

Vanessa McLaughlin, vanessamc246, the butterfly effect, change one thing change everything

The first week of workouts were challenging. I started with Cardio Challenge. I had sweat coming from every part of my body, and my calves were on fire, but I pushed through. Each day I pushed myself 100% until I maxed out. Maxing out is defined as the moment where you cannot continue at the high intensity level. So if I modify, I take a two-second break, I struggle with a rep, all those are considered maxing out.

Maxing out is NOT bad. I actually want to max out because that means I am pushing yourself to the MAX! I realized that the first few days I was doing it wrong. I was pacing myself, I was modifying when I got tired and of course my max out time was longer than if I just jumped in 100% from the first minute, which is what the program told me to do! Once I started to change my mindset I started to talk to myself in my head, telling myself I could do it. Don't give up; you want the results; you are worth it; this will be worth it!

Vanessa McLaughlin, vanessamc246, the butterfly effect, change one thing change everythingI'm recording my Max Out Time for each workout. If I record it every day, after the first two weeks I should start seeing some improvement with my time. After two weeks, my Max Out Time should increase slightly, and after three weeks I should really see some improved time! It takes three weeks to gain visible changes when workout out and eating clean.

Days 2 and 4 (Tuesday and Thursday), Tabata Power was on schedule. Tabata means doing an exercise at the highest intensity for 20 seconds, then taking 10 seconds off. The workout was fast paced, and my muscles begged for mercy. I just kept going! It’s only 30 minutes. I can do anything for 30 minutes! I was tired, I’m on a mission to get results: to get stronger, and leaner.  Here is a sample of the Tabata Power Tricep Reach move.

The Friday

Friday's workout, Friday Fight, was the HARDEST! I won’t lie. I was swearing at the T.V., and at Shaun T! But when I was done, I felt accomplished, stronger. Not necessarily physically strong, but mentally strong because I had pushed through 30 minutes!

So I made it through week 1, we had company in over the weekend which meant entertaining! I did have a mojito on Saturday night, but back on track the next day!

Week 1 is over, and last night I prepped my meals for the week and scheduled my workouts on my calendar. BRING ON WEEK TWO!!

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