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22 Minute Hard Corps

Tony Horton, P90X, nutrition plan, quick workouts,, vanessa mclaughlin,
Beachbody is launching a new home fitness program that is going to throw out all your workout excuses!! First came P90X: an hour each day. Then,came 21 Day Fix with 30 minute workouts, T25 with 25 minutes daily, and now 22 minutes a day... yes you read that right! In just 22 minutes you can get some serious results with Tony Horton and ME as your coach!

CAN YOU REALLY GET RESULTS in 22 minutes a day?

YES MA'AM or SIR you can! It is all about focusing on the workout, pushing yourself to your max, following the nutrition plan EXACTLY, and the most important part {at least I think it is,}support and accountability from your Team BEACHBODY Coach {ME} and the rest of the the group. It's comforting to know that you are not the only one out there struggling, having a bad day, or a slip up with your nutrition. The group is in this together! We are getting "bootcamp fit" with 22 Minute Hard Corps.

This program invalidates every excuse you have for not getting in shape. Even if you're strapped for time, busy (aren't we all), don't/can't cook, this program covers it all, and we can all find 22 minutes a day to workout. This is the perfect program to get in shape for summer!  So if you are reading this, then take this as your sign to start!

Anyone, in any shape, size, or ability level y level can do this program. You can go hard core and make it more challenging, or if you fell off the workout wagon, you can make it less challenging. You can modify to make the program a success for you.

So what is 22 Minute Hard Corps anyway?

Tony Horton, who created P90X, P90X2, P90X3, Power 90 and more, developed eight routines that alternate between total body cardio and resistance, to include workout a day six days a week. The workout is fast paced and there is little rest. The workouts are easy to pick up and learn. It's a back to basics, bootcamp style program. It moves quickly from  exercise to exercise to maximize time and results.

What Equipment Do You Need?

Dumbbells or pull up bar (or resistance bands with a door attachment). The harder you work the faster that you grow!!!
This program is for everyone. It is eight weeks in length, six days a week, one workout a day for 22 minutes!
Tony Horton, P90X, nutrition plan, quick workouts,, vanessa mclaughlinWhat will you get with this program?
• 8 challenging workouts on 2 DVDs
• Quick Start Mission Guide
• 8-week Basic Training Action Plan
• Rations for Results Nutrition Field Guide
• Cold Start pre-workout drill
• Hell Week Challenge Card
• HARD CORPS: Battle Buddy Workout DVD (Network Exclusive)

Tony Horton, P90X, nutrition plan, quick workouts,, vanessa mclaughlinThe meal plan 

Rations for Results Nutrition Field Guide is a basic, but satisfying nutrition plan that lays out the three squares and two snacks a day you'll need for the mission ahead. It makes meal prep easy, so you can get down to the business of getting results.

Tony Horton, P90X, nutrition plan, quick workouts,, vanessa mclaughlin

So now is your time, do you accept the challenge?

I am kicking off my 22 Minute Hard Corps Test Group Exclusive for my new and current customers on March 7. We will start our preseason which consists of one week of goal setting, pictures, measurements, meal planning and education on the nutritional plan and then the following Monday is our official day one.

******For 8 weeks I will guide you daily through the program with support, accountability, access to an online/app based closed group for support and guidance. Each participant is required to purchase the 22 Minute Hard Corps Challenge Pack/Program and commit to replacing one meal a day with Shakeology for the duration of the group.

If you are interested in getting more information about the program please complete the form linked below and I will contact you within 24 hours with details.

22 Minute Hard Corps Test Group Application

If you do not currently work with a Coach please make me your FREE coach here

Do you want to see some results from people just like you??

Here are some amazing Results from the 22 Minute Hard Corps Test Group. 

Tony Horton, P90X, nutrition plan, quick workouts,, vanessa mclaughlin

Stephenie W lost 9 lbs and 7.5 inches in 8 weeks.  She said she loved the military/bootcamp style workout!!  The music and the beats of the drum motivate you to push thru to the end!

Tony Horton, P90X, nutrition plan, quick workouts,, vanessa mclaughlin

Carl T was one of the first to try Hard Corps and lost 3 lbs and got ripped


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