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How to SHARE instead of Sell

When I signed up as a coach, this was one of my biggest fears: I didn't want to sell. I didn't want to hit up my family and friends. I didn't want to be pushy, or push a product. I didn't want to be that crazy lady, always trying to sell something to whoever she met.

I just wanted to share my story and inspire others, spark that fire to make a change, live a healthier life, and be an example to others. I wanted others to feel good about themselves, because of improving their fitness and nutrition.

Top Beachbody Coach Bonnie Engle made a short video of how to share not sell:

So first off let’s start with how to share on social media and what attracts others. YOU!!! They want you they will buy from you because they connect with you. Many of my posts focus on how Shakeology and the Beachbody workout programs and the nutrition plans have impacted my life, and the effects on my life.

So, Shakeology gives me energy, is a quick meal, provides me the nutrients I need which I see in my hair and nails. My Beachbody workouts have gotten my kids and husband involved, making us all healthier. My workouts make me a happier person!

I also share a lot about working a full-time job, and about my adventures as a mom because I want to attract others just like me.  I will understand their story; and I relate to others like me.

Beach body spends millions every year if someone wanted to be inspired to buy 21 Day Fix and your post looks like the one on the left they will not feel connected with you and would probably just purchase it from the TV at 3:00 am or use a friend's copy.
Never use the special of the month and say hey look for 10.00 more you receive a workout its just not appealing.

How can people relate to you? When I'm posting I'm talking to moms - full time working moms who feel they don't have time to workout, or don't have time to coach, but may want to stay at home with their kids.
So, I post about my busy life and how I fit in fitness, nutrition, and coaching, and how I'm no different than any other busy, working mom. I want to be a better example to my kids and inspire them as well. I show this by the post on the right with my son and me doing the 21 Day Fix.

Next up now everyone knows you’re a coach and you want to help them what else do you have to offer? LOTS!! Start to think about what others struggle with and share how you’re over coming it. Is the break room at lunch always filled with tempting foods but you had your shakeology and because of it able to pass. Are you someone that travels for work how do you stay on track while on the road? Are you a stay at home mom that would rather grab the ice cream and run to the bathroom and lock the door for 5 minutes of peace? Weekends NOBODY works out best time to snap a picture you being consistent and the extra support from your challenge groups keeps you accountable.

Next up when posting about an upcoming challenge group show others your feelings, make it sincere.  How did you feel before joining Beachbody? What is your story? Share how you felt then compared to now. It’s totally ok to only be 30 days into coaching and to start thinking how you felt when you decided to join a challenge group? Where you afraid of failing? Was cost a concern and caused the family budget to be tight due to your decision? Were you afraid of not having enough time to commit to sticking to the program? Work from the FEEL, FELT, FOUND when you’re talking about your upcoming challenge group. And your post with the solution and always pair it with a great picture people are visual and your goal is to cause them to stop scrolling in their news feed to read more about what you have to offer. Keep the picture simple too much going on and you will loss people (I made this mistake as a new coach).

Some ideas for topics to share if you've experienced any of these:

Most know the feeling of standing in front of the mirror not liking what you see. The thought of going another day of being in your own skin and not having confidence, and not feeling like YOU is hard for everyone. Maybe you have a wedding at the end of summer or maybe you would like to get pregnant soon, but would like to get your weight under control or need to put on a bathing suit. The thought of starting on Monday always seems like a good idea but what happens when your steam runs out on Wednesday when you're working all week, or taking care of the kids all day, and then you just want to sit on the couch, order pizza, watch your favorite TV show and eat a box of cookies.

What if you had the support to get past those times in the day, the motivation from others not to fail, help with setting up a realistic meal plans, tips for traveling, recipes, fitness tips and a place to check in from anywhere?

I truly believe challenge groups make the world of difference I’m proof that they work if you’re willing to come with a strong why and wanting to change.

What if a habit could be formed in 21 days and you could be on a path to a healthier you? Would you skip dinner out one night a week for the next three weeks to offset the cost of investing into a healthier you? What if you could replace that dinner out with time home as a family cooking a healthy dinner together and teaching your kids that you care enough to invest in your health so you can be the best mom, would you give it a try?
How do you want to feel four Mondays from now?
Or results?
July 28th is go day and truly I’m saving these last 2 spots for those two people that are willing to change for the better. Fill out this application to reserve your spot.

End it with an a call to action giving them the sense that "now is the time!"  If you don't have a before and after yet that is great also talk about them following your journey, share other transformations pictures. Not this (yes this is a post I did as a new coach). NEVER PUT YOUR LINK TO YOUR ACCOUNT WITH A POST ABOUT A CHALLENGE GROUP!! Get to know their why and their goals and find the right program for them. This photo to the right makes my head hurt just looking at it!

Lastly have fun with this whether you want to quit your full time job, just have a little extra spending money, want to pay for your shakeology, care for the other person and invest in them and not view it as a sale today, but see if you have something that could better their life. People want to know you’re the real deal BE CONSITENT with posting 3 to 5 times a day share other things in your life other than health and fitness. Find 5 topics and rotate that within your post. Ask for advice on social media others love to give their option and advice so ask for it. Keep it real and stay true to who you are and you will naturally draw others in that have things in common.

Lastly remember it takes awhile to build trust and others are not going to jump right in. They want to trust you.  As a coach you have the ability to change someone else's life for the better never underestimate your story, putting yourself out there can be the hardest thing to do BUT the rewards way outweigh being a little uncomfortable in the beginning. Your mind will tell you, you can't do this but follow your heart and above all, be consistent. 


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