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Transformation Tuesday

I want to introduce you to one of my fellow coaches, Jeanette Paradis.
Beachbody programs have changed her life, but not just fitness and nutrition, through coaching too, she has experienced physical and psychological changes too.

This is what she had to say about Beachbody:

"I have been at all of this for some time now... the clean eating, home fitness and overall commitment to make daily choices which lead in a direction of improved health. Am I perfect at it?? Nope! Consistent over time? Yes.

THIS is why I share my story ---

Change is Possible!!!!
I had resigned myself to being in the size 18/20 bracket the rest of my life. I would have given almost anything to drop to a consistent 16 and size 14 just seemed impossible. I mean, I had tried for YEARS to "lose 20 pounds". I would lose 5 and pickup 10, drop 10 and back up again by 5. I stayed within a 10 pound range and it was a dangerous spot. I was 35 years old! My kids were 4 and 6! I was afraid of the direction in which I was headed. One day I had a wake-up call with cholesterol and triglycerides climbing. I knew that I was on the path of being a statistic of those who do not look after their health and how you then have to pay the consequences long term.

I was afraid to fail. But I was more afraid of living with myself if I did not at least decide to try. And as I was telling my mom about all of this, she told me NOT "to try". Rather, "to just DO IT". And so I did.

My youngest sister had just spent 4 months making her own healthy changes with clean eating, Team Beachbody home fitness programs and Shakeology. She had become a coach the month prior and I decided to see what I was capable of through following this track.

It was midnight when I anxiously placed my order for the "ChaLEAN Extreme Challenge Pack". I didn't know what all I was getting myself into, but I knew that I had to try.

I was part of a "secret" FB group where my coach led me and others who were looking for change. I learned HOW to eat clean and how to make this work for my family. Shakeology became my breakfast each day and I was blown away with how I no longer had a sweet tooth! I had dealt with those cravings my entire life.

My migraines disappeared! After 22 years of being all over the place, my monthly cycle became regular. I went on to lose 60 pounds and went from an 18/20 to a 10/12. My blood work improved drastically even after just the first 6 months. I found so much more energy and really just a fresh perspective on life.

Five months into my own health transformation, I started to think about becoming a coach in order to help others. That was nearly two years ago! Now I lead a team of other coaches and we invest ourselves in helping others as we build a solid business. I love what I do!

Every single day, I am thankful for this life change. I invite you to explore if this could be helpful to you.

I began with ChaLEAN Extreme, then shifted to the 21 Day Fix when it was released five months after my start. PiYo (my now-favorite) came along that summer. Then Insanity Max 30 and Fix Extreme last winter. This past summer was dance with Cize! Then I spent 6 weeks with Body Beast as I awaited the most recent program release - Hammer and Chisel with Sagi and Autumn. And you know what??? It has all been good. Not easy. But NOT impossible. I have had so much variety and this keeps things fresh. I bring my former programs back into rotation between new programs.

Clean eating is the common thread. Accountability and encouragement, combined with practical tips and ongoing inspiration keep me moving forward each day! I am always leading a group of others working on their health and this also helps to keep me on track! I look forward to all that is yet to come! "

Do you relate to Jeanette? Do you feel afraid to fail? It's time to give yourself a chance, to see what clean eating, fitness, Beachbody, and accountability can do for you. 

Whether you want to join accountability group to lose weight or get back in shape, or whether you want to join my team as a coach, I can show you how to be successful!

Message me at or fill out the form below. 
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