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7-Day Kickstart Spring Detox - FREE

In two weeks, Spring Break hits my town, and my husband surprised us with a trip to Florida! While I'm excited to hit the beach and warm weather, I'm not so excited about putting on a bathing suit!!
I've been working out, but my diet has had too many small tastes of dessert, bites of mac & cheese, and crusts off sandwiches.

Sometimes we need a kickstart! It's time to get serious, tighten up my nutrition and build intensity in my workouts!!
Are you ready for a fresh start? Join my FREE 7-Day Kickstart Spring Detox group! 
This will be a no-nonsense, strict, direct group with a meal plan and workout plan. All seven days we will commit to eating clean and proper portions. No cheats, no treats, nothing but what is on the plan for SEVEN days!

This challenge will take place in a private Facebook group. Each day, you will receive a short daily assignment. All that’s needed is me as your coach. No product purchase is required. Join our event page here: 7-Day Spring Cleaning and Detox.
  • Eat clean whole foods for 7 days
  • Exercise with serious intensity and tons of variety for 7 days
  • Get an extra 1 to 2 hours sleep (this might be the toughest for some of you)
  • Create a calorie deficit for 7 days
  • Sample meals and recipes
  • Snack guide
  • Food recommendations
  • Tips to change your habits
  • All workouts (links provided)
  • Anyone that has been trying to lose weight, but hasn't been able to
  • Anyone who has more than 5 pounds to lose
  • Anyone who has fallen off track with their fitness and nutrition
This is a serious commitment! We will support each other, provide accountability, and start the weightloss process. 

  • Only whole food
  • NO soda
  • NO dairy
  • NO white stuff (sugar, flour)
  • Minimal grains (no wheat or gluten)
  • NO fried foods
  • A veggie and protein at every meal
  • 500 calorie deficit per day
  • NO artificial sugar or artificial anything
  • Reduce sodium
  • Small portions
  • Water all day
You will have enough food, I promise, and you will eat every 2-3 hours. You should be able to do this 7 Day Kickstart exactly as it is laid out. We'll also up the intensity in our fitness, by kicking our own ass in our workouts!!! 

Are you ready? JOIN NOW!!

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