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Resolutions Reboot: Self Love, Self Care

So, how is that Resolution going?
Did you kick the bad habits to the curb?
Have you happily adopted new healthy habits in the new year?
Are you looking for a little extra challenge to supplement your current workouts??
Are you looking for delicious alternatives to your favorite dishes?

It will only take a few minutes each day, but I promise it will be a few minutes well spent. I'm here every step of the way to help you complete the challenge and achieve your goals!

This challenge will focus on a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION, not just weightloss or getting "healthier," but changing our mindset so we see exercise, not as a punishment, but as self love, and we see gorgeous, colorful, clean, nutritious foods as giving our body a treat! 

We will learn to reward ourselves for our hard work, not with junk food or days on the couch, but with a new fitness mag, new jammin' songs from iTunes for our cardio playlists, a manicure, or a new workout top!

We will learn to celebrate NSV's (Non-Scale-Victories), instead of a number on the scale. NSV's can be our pants feeling looser, being able to lift more weight, being able to complete a whole push up, or a whole 30 minute workout. 

Self love, self care, 21 Day Fix,,, autumn calabrese, champagne diet
We will learn that self-love and self-care are not selfish, but necessary for our happiness and well-being. 

It's time to reboot our resolutions!! We START on FEBRUARY 20.

How to join this challenge:
---> Step 1 is to "like" my page - Vanessa.Fitness so that you can be guaranteed to see all posts and updates from me. You can also access my page by following this link:

---> Step 2 is to request access to the private group via the link that will be provided in this event page on THURSDAY, February 9th but you must like my page from Step 1 above to be able to see the link when it is posted)

Here's how it will work:
Each morning (beginning February 20th)I will post the challenge workout in the group page (which you will have access to after liking my page). After you complete the workout, (COMMENT) on the post to let me know you have done it. We will also use a tracking sheet to keep track of everyone's progress...
Why would I want you to keep track of your progress?

1) Because I want you to succeed. I'm here to be your daily accountability partner!
2) There will be a prize awarded to the top posters at the end of the challenge!

---> Again, the only way to be granted access to our CLOSED group is by the following steps:
1) "Like" Vanessa.Fitness page here:
2) Share this private link with friends and family.
Open to those not currently enrolled as or working with a teambeachbody coach!

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