When passion and work collide

One year anniversary!! Woohoo!!
Today marks one year of my being a Beachbody coach, of my having my own business.
I became a coach, because I thought it would be a hobby. A way to keep my foot in the fitness field while working full-time.  And it was a fun hobby. I LOVED it. I LOVED working with people who were ready to make healthy changes in their lives.  I LOVED being with other coaches who, like me, just wanted to be happy, healthy people, and support others in this endeavor.
It was, rewarding, uplifting, inspiring, and FUN! But after one month, it became more than that. I discovered my passion, and an avenue to meet my dream: making enough income to work from home, so I could stay at home with my sons.

What will people think?
When I first became a Beachbody coach I kept it quiet (I know, seems crazy now… ) but I worried about what others would think of me. I had a full-time job, and coaching was just something on the side. I have a law degree. I work in marketing and communications. If I treated coaching like my job, what would my co-workers think? What would my family and friends think?

Would they see this as just hanging out on Facebook?
Would they think I was just trying to "sell" them something?
Would they support me and see my potential with this? 

Realizing my purpose and my passion.

I went to work full-time, because I had been a stay-at-home-mom for 10 years, and now our family needed to make up some income. It broke my heart every day to not meet my kids when they got off the school bus. Over the summer, I nearly cried every day when I left my boys at home all day.

I work behind a desk and a computer, from 8:30-5:00 EVERY DAY! While I'm qualified for this job, and it joins my experience and my degrees, I wasn't passionate about this. The schedule is a grind, AND I was missing time with my kids. They are at the age when mom is still "cool," and they wanted to spend time with me.

All I wanted to work from home, so I could spend time with them and have a flexible schedule: the ability to volunteer in their classrooms, and go on field trips, while they still wanted me to go! But I knew, to make this happen, I needed to find a work from home job, that would give me the same income or more as my office job.

Shortly after I became I coach, and loving the job, I began to realize, this could overtake my full-time job and fulfill my desires of working from home, to be with my children! And I began to think of myself as a Beachbody coach and coaching as my job!

What IFS?
What if I couldn't balance both jobs?
What if my friends and family didn't support me?
What if people thought I was crazy for doing this?
And the biggest "What if;" what if I didn't make it?
I was too worried about these “what ifs” that I didn’t SHARE this incredible OPPORTUNITY and BLESSING that has had a profound impact on my life and my family’s life?!!

I was made for this?

One of the first people I told I was a coach was my dear friend Lorraine.
"FINALLY, Vanessa," she said. "I'm glad you finally realized this!  You were MADE for this!!"
She had seen my potential.  Would others?
After running a few accountability groups, where clients had amazing successes losing 20, 30, and 40 pounds, I was so glad I found a way to make a difference

Remember back in high school and college, when as students we were full of ideas and ambition? We wanted a job to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world!  Some people have that opportunity. But others, work for an organization, behind a desk, and may never realize any difference or impact.

As a coach, I get to see this on a day to day basis!!  Not only was it fun, not only could I make a difference, but this little side “thing” that started as a hobby and then something for a little side income is now a full fledged BUSINESS!!
I am my own GIRLBOSS.
I work when I want from where I want and all I need is a little wi-fi.
I am surrounded by the most positive uplifting and inspirational people!
I still have the goal to work from home, and I'm getting closer every day.
I'm on my way to making AS MUCH money NOW as I do in my 40+ hours per week office world.
And last but not least, I am held accountable to my own goals, I am in the best shape of my life and it has impacted my ENTIRE FAMILY for the better!!!
I WAS made for this!

My business!!
What the heck took me so long?! To think ONE DECISION I made to join an accountability group last September has trickled down and impacted so many others. ONE DECISION to get healthier for myself and my family.

I want YOU ALL to know: you can do this too! If I can build a business working 30 minutes a day, an hour a day, two hours a day all around being a mom, wife, having a full-time job, and all the responsibilities and obligations that come with those jobs, you can too!

One of the many great things about this business is that you can work it from anywhere and you can work it as much or as little as you want to or are able and YOU CAN STILL BE SUCCESSFUL!! You just need to make sure that you're consistent and I promise you, the time you put in will pay for itself!

As your coach I am here to help you from the first day! We will work together – I will share exactly
what I have done to get where I am and how you can duplicate that for your own success! There is no need to recreate the wheel!!

WHY NOT? That’s what I kept asking myself…WHY NOT ME?!

If you are at all curious about this whole Beachbody Coaching world, or how I got to where I am in just a year, then fill out the form below, or email me at and let’s chat!
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