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30 Day Elimination Plan

Finally able to share the BIG NEWS!!!
I have been selected for a special project: a 30 day elimination program to create a new curriculum for nutrition and fitness with TWO of my most favoritest celebrity trainers and top nutritionist!

To be part of this Test Group, I had to commit to 30 Days of no alcohol, a balanced nutrition plan, my superfoods, and daily exercise. It's only 30 days!

Check out my first week on the 30 Day Elimination Plan, and follow my journey!

I've been having problems with my knee that have sidelined all my intense workouts, and I've had to modify any moves involving lower body and give up most of my cardio.  BUT, I haven't modified my nutrition to match my workouts, and the pounds have started creeping on, and I'm just feeling like I can't move as well as I used to.,, autumn calabrese, 80 day obsession, elimination diet, tosca reno
My Week 1 Meal Plan
I know this 4 weeks will challenge me and this will go through Thanksgiving as I am equipped with some amazing plan approved recipes (don’t worry I will share some) and sparkling water with a lime will be my cocktail of choice.

I know it won't be easy, but we are going into one of the busiest season of the year, where I tend to lose control, eat all the food, drink all the drinks, because hey, it's the holidays!
But, I am committed to be in control of my thoughts with nutrition and exercise. LOVING MY BODY and teaching my mind to respect it!!

So, this is to eliminate toxic foods, toxic habits, and toxic stress (a bit redundant, I know)!
THEN, when the 30 days are done, I get to share this new program when it is released in December!

​I'll be blogging about this experience weekly, and daily on Facebook and Instagram, and I'd love your support! 

Took my "before" photos and measurements, made my meal plan and I'm ready to go!! 
Wish me luck! 
elimination, toxic habits, tosca reno, autum calabrese,,, vanessa mclaughlin

To join my exclusive Fit Club where we will use these same principles, or to get more info, please fill out the form below. In my Fit Clubs, we will hold each other accountable, and take care of our own wellness!!

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