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How to get more ENERGY for your workouts!

Nearly everyone that’s familiar with Beachbody knows about Shakeology, but few people know about the Performance Line! I love the Performance Line, but Energize is my favorite! In the past I’ve used some of the products on an as-needed basis (especially Energize). But with challenging programs, these products helped me so much throughout the process with curbing soreness, keeping me energized, and giving me the strength to power through each workout.
There are currently 5 different supplements in the Performance Line:


And just like Shakeology, they’re all made with no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, no fillers, and no preservative. No JUNK ingredients like other sports supplements out there!

Realizing that so few people have used the Performance Line, and now after having such a great experience with them myself, I figured I HAD to share more about each of the products with you! So, over the next few weeks, let me enlighten you!

Today we’re talking about my absolute favorite supplement, one you’ve probably seen me post about before: Energize.
What is Energize? FAQs
Energize is Beachbody’s pre-workout formula, but honestly, it’s perfect for anytime you need a little pick-me-up for your energy throughout the day. I know I’ve used it on many occasions when I wasn’t working out!

Think of it as coffee without the jitters… but better.
What does it really do, and how does it work?

I’m not going to bore you with the specifics because honestly, it’s all very scientific and half of you probably with just skip over it anyway. But here are the basics:

Two of the key ingredients in Energize are beta-alanine and quercetin, both of which work in different ways help to delay exercise-induced muscle fatigue. So, whether you’re doing 100 pushups or holding a difficult yoga pose, your muscles won’t start to feel tired as quickly. The third key ingredient is where we get our energy: caffeine. The low-dose caffeine, which comes from green tea & coffee bean extract, improves focus, reaction time, and even gives you a mental boost!
How does Energize taste?
Energize currently only comes in one flavor: lemon. And it. Is. Delicious.

Sometimes lemon-flavored drinks can taste too sweet and too artificial, but this is the perfect combination of sweet and tart! Even if you’re not a fan of lemon, I promise you’ll enjoy drinking this—I haven’t met anyone that’s tried Energize and NOT liked the taste.
When should you drink Energize?
Beachbody recommends using this pre-workout drink 30 minutes before most workouts. But for more intense workouts, it can be consumed up to an hour before.
How do you make it?
Simply add 1 serving of Energize to a blender bottle with water, shake it up, and you’re good to go!
Servings sizes of Energize depend on your weight:

If you weigh <160 lbs: 1 scoop + 8oz water
If you weigh ≥160 lbs: 2 scoops + 16oz water

And finally, why is it SO yellow?
“Are you sure there are no artificial colors?” Seriously, when you prepare your first glass you will ask this question. It’s SO yellow! I actually had to look this one up myself because I was too curious! If there are no artificial colors, why does it look like that?

So, apparently, quercetin (one of those key ingredients I mentioned above) is naturally an extremely bright yellow color. Totally fine to consume and 100% natural, but likes to stain anything it touches.

When you’re preparing your pre-workout drink, remember that and be very careful not to get any of the powder on your clothes!
Does this sound like something you need?

Give it a shot, you don’t even have to commit to a full container!

Sample it with the Energize 10-day pack

Or go all-in with a 40-serving container

Already tried Energize in the past? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!

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