Ultimate Reset: Day 12

Day 12: Bored of vegetables.
The exhaustion is back and so is the crankiness!
While I feel amazing and am noticing significant results on the Ultimate Reset (21 day cleanse), I'm becoming increasingly irritated by all the meal prepping and cleaning! I'd say that's the #1 drawback to this. You have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and prepping...and then cleaning! But this is how you're supposed to live and eat. I have to keep reminding myself that we need to get out of the "microwave mentality." 
I'm so sick and tired of microgreen salads for lunch! I LOVE salads and vegetables, but I'm missing chicken, eggs, or even a sprinkling of goat cheese on my salads!
I'm down 6 lbs, my digestion has never been better, and I feel great, so it's clearly working. I have zero bloat, even after I eat. This weekend is going to be challenging since I have family visiting. But I don't want to "cheat." So I guess I'll make my own foods and avoid all the temptations! 

Today's menu: 
Upon waking: 24 oz water with Mineralize, and Detox, and Optimize supplements
30 minutes later: Breakfast - Fresh fruit plate (3 cups of fruit!) 
2 hours later: 24 oz water with Mineralize, and Detox, and Optimize supplements

30 minutes later: Lunch - Microgreen salad & Hearty vegetable miso soup
  • Thoughts: Blah....tasteless soup, tired of this salad, just bored of this food.

2 hours later: Power Greens powder with water

30 minutes later: Snack - Vegan Chocolate Shakeology +  1/2banana
  • Thoughts: Seriously the best part of my day, and helps quell my sweets cravings!!

2 hours later: Mineralize, Optimize, Soothe supplements
30 minutes later: Dinner -Coconut collard greens, roasted beets, and quinoa
  • Thoughts: This is THE WORST dinner so far! The only good thing was the rice/quinoa blend. I had to choke down the vegetables. I don't like beets, they taste like eating pure soil to me, and I don't like collard greens. I love most vegetables, and these may be the only two I don't like....And they both appeared on the menu for the same meal!! Yuck!
Thanks for tuning in! See you tomorrow!

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