Ultimate Reset: Day 13

Day 13: Craving coffee and still missing chewing gum.

Okay, the Ultimate Reset (a 21 day cleanse) has been a roller coaster of energy and emotions! Yesterday I was cranky and frustrated. Today I felt energized and bubbly.

My father is visiting, and so I spent the afternoon doing things with him and the boys. We went to Barnes & Noble, and Target, so he could spoil the boys with gifts. At Barnes & Noble, there was a Starbucks, where my dad ordered a coffee and a yummy non-coffee frozen drink and pastry for the boys. The smell of brewing coffee and pastries almost did me in!!

I brought my Power Greens with me, but I didn't have my afternoon snack (my Vegan Shakeology), because I wasn't teaching any fitness classes, nor did I do any yoga or walking so I was pretty hungry by dinner, where my dad and the boys ate chocolate cake!! It looked incredible, but I know I'm doing this cleanse, and sharing the journey has kept me accountable, so I didn't eat a bite!!

I was so tempted by that darn chocolate cake!! But don't worry, I stayed strong!

 Today's menu:

8 am: 24 oz water with Mineralize, and Detox and Optimize supplements

30 minutes later: Breakfast - Fresh fruit plate (3 cups of fruit!)

  • Thoughts: I'm not hungry, after eating this, but I miss eggs and oatmeal.
2 hours later: 24 oz water with Mineralize, and Detox and Optimize supplements.

noon: Lunch - Microgreen salad with Pumpkin Seeds

  • Thoughts: I want chicken, or hardboiled eggs, or crumbled feta on my salad!! It's not that I'm hungry, all the food is filling me up, but I just want variety!

2 hours later: Power Greens powder with water.

No Shakeology snack, today. A light workout, yoga, or a walk is not in my schedule today, so I'm sticking to the Ultimate Reset plan of no snack! Oh, do I miss it!!

5:30 pm:  24 oz water with Mineralize, and Detox, Soothe, and Optimize supplements.

6:30 pm:  Dinner -Roasted Acorn squash with Miso Tahini Sauce and spinach.

  • Thoughts: This was so delicious and filling! I'm not usually a squash person, but I would have this again!! Lucky for me, it's on the menu again for this coming week - haha!

I'm feeling great, but definitely looking forward to being done! ;)

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